2021 and the years to come, the future of our planet, and the future of humanity lie in our hands now, in the hands of the people. For far too long we have placed our responsibility, our trust, our hopes, wishes, and dreams in the outer world, in politicians, the government, and public figures, hoping they will do it for us and all we came to realize is that we can not build on sand on ash.

By placing our responsibility and our creator power in the outer world we only and always build on sand and ash. 2020 has been the tipping point for humanity to see how much has been built on sand and ash, and now we see it crumble in front of our very eyes.

Do not fear, the solution is right there. The solution lies within you, within me, within every one of us, right amid our hearts and minds. We are creators, infinitely powerful to create and manifest any desired realities into physical manifestations. All it requires is an aligned thought, feeling, and action. You, me, every one of us has been gifted and given a divine purpose to fulfill here in this lifetime on this planet.

Your life purpose is ingrained in your soul signature, your heart, the knowing of your heart. We have run out of time collectively, we can not afford to waste time anymore with things, activities, and endeavors that do not nurture our souls. We have to shift all our focus, our attention, and all our love into creating and building the Earth that we would love to live in. Every one of us must remember our purpose, individually and collectively, to remember that we are here as one drop in the ocean that we are a part of.

We are all a part of the collective and what we do and don´t do matters. Our purpose in this grand scheme of life, our unique piece of the puzzle, and our drop in the ocean matter. It is like a spiderweb, which you are a part of and what you do and don´t do affects the entire web.

The time is NOW, to change from within. The time is now, to remember your divine assignment, to remember your purpose, your mission which you came here to fulfill. The time is now, to explore, to live, to fulfill and share your gifts, your talents, your skills with the world, to be of greatest service at this time, for your loved ones, your family, your friends, your communities, and ultimately for the collective as a whole.

The very things that you are good at, the very things that you love to do, that you are passionate about, that get you excited - these are the things that help expand everything and everyone around you in love.

Our collective Future - 2021 and the years ahead, the future is not yet written but it is constantly being rewritten and redesigned with every thought, feeling, and action of us, of you, of me, individually and collectively. Starting now, at the beginning of 2021 to harmonize our thoughts and feelings, to put plenty of loving intentions into every thought we think, word we speak, actions we take. Starting now to rewrite the future, to create the New Earth of Love and Light.

The power lies in our hands now, but you can only manifest with power when you are aware of who and what you are - an infinite creator with infinite potential and infinite awareness who came here to build the New Earth of Light and Love. We are all collectively waiting for you, to remember your purpose, your part in this grand scheme of life. To do your duty, to do your part, so we can all thrive and manifest the New Earth, where there is abundance, happiness, love, and harmony for all beings.

To Your Victory,

Hemma from Lifepurpose.com

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