Along every man´s and woman´s life there comes a time, a moment in time, a choice point where we realize that we either change or stay where we are forever without ever moving forward.

There comes a time in every man´s and woman´s life where we are faced with our own darkest shadows, our biggest weaknesses. Some call it the dark night of the soul, but what it ultimately is, is an invitation for each of us to level up, to evolve, to create  and to invent the next best versions of ourselves.

When you're truly aligned with your highest expression of your purpose in this lifetime, you will soon come to realize that a constant change, a constant process of personal development and personal transformation will be required, because your purpose requires you to be and to express your highest and truest versions of yourself. There is no limit to what and who you can become.

My question to you is, are you ready for that? Are you ready to commit yourself to that path, to a never ending journey, a never ending story of always becoming the next best versions of yourself?

Are you open enough in your heart and mind to allow this process of personal transformation and evolution to happen through you and because of you?

The reason why I am writing about this is because I see so much potential in each and everyone of us. It is only when we resist and when we think that change is a bad or painful thing and we attach too much to who we THINK we are when we stop and prevent the natural flow of life to unfold.

When you're truly living your purpose you will be challenged to rise beyond your comfort zone on a constant level. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to rise beyond your zone of comfort and familiarity? Are you ready to step into your purpose, into your own greatness, so firmly, so grounded and rooted? Are you ready to go on the journey of a never ending process of self-mastery and evolution and service?

This is the moment of choice, this is the moment of making a firm decision, a choice, a commitment to dedicate yourself to that journey of purpose and self-mastery, expressing and being the truest and highest version of yourself which is always evolving, growing and expanding in ever greater and greater perfection, beauty, love, power and wisdom.

When you're ready to commit yourself to that path, there is nothing and no one that can ever stop you, because you have just given life / the universe the permission to have your back, to support you and push you forward to greater and greater heights.

So, when life confronts you with the dark night(s) of the soul and you know that YOU either change or nothing will, that's the moment of choice when you give yourself permission to fly, to evolve, to grow and expand, or to stay where you are. The choice is up to you.

I just want you to know that the God-presence, the Universe, Life, Mother Earth unconditionally support and help those of us who say YES, who accept the never ending journey of change and personal evolution.

The dark nights of the soul, the moments and experiences in our lives when we realize that we can not move on without changing something are very necessary sometimes as they give us a wake up call. But in order to move forward we have to reinvent ourselves and let go of the old identities, the old personalities, who we thought we were. We have to make a new choice to recreate our identity, to think new thoughts, to speak new words, to free our minds to the limitless possibilities of what is truly possible for our lives, for our purpose, our contribution and service.

Can you become blank? Can you become “no one”? Can you let go of all attachments to who you thought you were, if that is limiting you in any shape or form. Can you become blank and let the presence of god, the presence of the universe work through you as a vessel?

And with these questions that you can answer and contemplate about, I end this message.

With love,

Hemma Allmann

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