You are part of the human collective family. Therefore, you and every other individual on this planet are always co-creating the collective human experience.

We all have individual purposes yes, and we all share collective purposes together too. In this post, I'll be sharing with you 3 major things that we all must remember about our purpose in our collective human experience.

First: The thoughts, the words and the actions you choose on a daily basis have an effect on the world as a whole.  With every thought, word and action that is rooted in love you co-create more love in the collective field and experience. Also with every thought, word and action that is not rooted in love you also create and co-create the collective experience. Therefore, it is imperative that every single one of us takes full responsibility for the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take.

If we wish for more peace and love to be on this planet, our thoughts, words and actions must be in alignment with peace and love. Because if they are not, you as the individual are also responsible for the perceived lack of love and peace on this planet.

Second: What you focus on matters so much. You are being reminded to be responsible for what you focus on in every moment. Are you focusing on lack, poverty, scarcity, fear?

When you focus on that, you create more of that in your own life and for the collective human experience. You are being reminded to focus on that which serves the greater good of all. To focus on peace, on love, on prosperity, on harmony and balance.

Third: You are here to bring forth the changes that you wish for in this world.  A big part of why you are here is to be the change maker and initiator of the changes you wish to see and experience.

Complaining and moaning about what isn't working in this world does not do anything good. We have to switch gear from complaining to being the initiators of the changes we wish to see. Like the saying of Mother Teresa "If you cannot do great things, do little things with great love."

So if your wish is to see and experience more love, peace, unity, and harmony, you have to be the initiator of that first in your own life. How? By thinking, speaking and acting in and with more love, peace, unity and harmony.

With that said ask yourself how you can initiate more of what you wish to see in this world. And then make that your thinking, speaking and doing.

To your Remembering and Victory,

Hemma from


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