3 Steps To Heal Your Sexual Energy To Live Your Life Purpose And Fullest Potential

Massive purging and clearings are happening all over the planet, for all life. Humanity is being called to purify and heal their bodies, minds, and spirit. Old drama, old wounds, and pain, that were hidden in the unseen, all want to come back into the light so that we can heal, clear and purify ourselves. This must happen so that we can ascend individually and collectively and go to the next stages of our evolution.

A major topic that we are all being faced with, whether you are aware of it or not is sexual energy / our lifeforce energy.  It is time that we truly understand the purpose and power of this energy and clear any distortions around it. For you to live your purpose, here on this planet, you have to clear, heal and balance your sexual energy.

Why? Because your sexual energy IS YOUR LIFE ENERGY. It's the energy you need to live, thrive, and create on this planet. Therefore when you tap into this powerful energy of yours when it is free of distortions and blocks, it is going to help you manifest and live your purpose and your full potential.

1st Step: Set your intention. "Energy flows where intention goes."

Setting concrete intentions is the Kickstarter for any creation and manifestation. When you set an intention, it is similar to telling your navigation system where you choose to go and where your destination is. Set the intention to heal, clear, balance, and purify your sexual energy, from any distortions, any blocks, any darkness and to liberate, and free your sacred sexual energy in a balanced harmonious, and grounded way.

When you set the intention, make sure you mean it from the bottom of your heart.

2nd step: Connect to your sensual energy and use your body to create pleasure and joy.

Do something that brings you a sense of joy. That can be done through music, singing, playing an instrument, eating a delicious meal with full awareness, using all your senses, getting a massage, or giving someone a massage. It's important that whatever you choose, you do it with full awareness and by being fully in your body and connecting to the senses of your body.

One of my favorite activities to tap into my sensual nature is through sensual movement, by dancing to beautiful music and grounding into my body, feeling the body and allowing it to move how it wants to.

The importance is to reconnect to your physical body in a loving, and harmonious way so that the body can experience pleasure and joy again.

3rd step: Develop an awareness of what raises your energy vs. drains your energy.

We increase our life force energy by engaging in more activities, and things that feel good, nurture us, raise our energy, and that makes us feel amazing. And by letting go of things, situations, activities, and people who drain our energy.

When your energy gets drained you have less power to live your purpose and your full potential. Therefore, the more energy you have, the more you can live your purpose, to its full potential. It's that simple. All you need to do is develop awareness when you go through your day, and pay close attention to the experiences and situations which give you energy versus drain your energy. Let go of more things and situations that drain your energy and instead focus your attention and expand on the experiences, things, people, relationships, and situations that increase your energy.

To Your Victory,

Hemma from

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