I am living the divine plan for my life.

I am living as my Higher Self.

I am remembering my unique gifts and superpowers.

I am confident in my authentic self-expression.

I am here for a higher purpose and I claim it now

I am liberated and free to be me.

I am abundantly blessed and rewarded to be my divine self.

I reclaim my conscious creator powers in this now.

I am connected to the powers of my body, mind and spirit.

I am fulfilled by serving others and the world with my unique abilities, passions and gifts.

I am thriving with purpose.

I am innately worthy of receiving all the divine blessings, miracles and gifts for my services and offerings.

I am a blessing to everyone who comes into my life.

I am fully aligned to my highest timeline.

I am confident in expressing my authentic self and truth.

I am free of labels, masks, and false identities.

I am healed and balanced in my sacred sexual energy.

I am fully open to receiving all the resources I need to live my purpose fully.

I'm always guided, protected, nurtured and loved on my path to my victory.

To Your Victory,

Hemma from

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