Creating Your Life Purpose Mindfully

Creating Our Lifepurpose Is A Conscious Creation

In this post, we are going to look deeper into how we all create our life experiences. We either create consciously or create unconsciously. Let's first understand more about the “Unconscious Creator”. Every person is a creator, the only difference is that some are conscious of it and others aren't.

The unconscious creator manifests their reality without having full awareness of what and how they are creating. In other words, they most often don't even know that they are creating their own life experiences and they are not aware yet of the power they hold within themselves to create. Unconscious creators most often believe that life is simply happening to them and that puts them into a victim mentality.

In the chart below we give you examples of conscious and unconscious creators and the main differences between the both. May this chart give you greater awareness of where you stand in your own life and where you choose to go from there.


  • Main narrative: Life happens to me
  • Give away their power to the outer world: They often let other people and events outside of them dictate their own decisions and actions in life. Every time we react to something outside of us, we give away a piece of our power, and this oftentimes leads to frustration and a sense of feeling powerless. Hence they are easily manipulated and controllable.
  • Motivated by fear, uncertainty, and doubt: Their choices in life are strongly influenced and affected by others, the media, peers & outer world events.
  • Repeating painful life experiences based on trauma/situations from the past: Many times they find themselves running in a loop, repeating the same experiences/cycles over and over again, seemingly not finding a solution. The main cause for this is most often a block that they are not aware of which oftentimes stems from a painful, traumatic experience from their past.
  • Having no personal boundaries: Many times they let people or situations walk over them, use them, or take some form of advantage of them. Many times it is hard for them to say NO.
  • Behaviors, beliefs, and decisions are strongly influenced by social and generational conditioning: Usually, they believe what they are being told, without questioning or forming their own opinions. They repeat the patterns, conditions, labels, and programs of their parents/ancestors, and from what they “learned” when they were children, in school, college, with friends, etc. - Their true authentic expression gets shut down and buried, hence they many times feel as if something in their life was missing or not quite right. That is because they live someone else's truth and not their own.
  • Seek false securities and approval in the outer world: Instead of feeling safe, enough, and worthy from within, they tend to seek it outside, in relationships, in their jobs, social status, money, etc. That keeps them dependent and trapped. By doing that they never get to have a solid, secure foundation within themselves. A true feeling of worthiness, feeling safe and enough can only come from within.
  • Speak mindlessly: Engage in gossip: Whenever we speak we use vital lifeforce from our system. When we engage in gossip or mindless talks and conversations, cursing, complaining, and moaning we waste this energy.
  • Blaming others and the outer world: When something goes wrong, they tend to quickly find blame outside of themselves. That keeps them in a victim mentality which further keeps them disempowered and trapped.
  • Get easily distracted and consume mindlessly.


  • Main narrative: I am the creator of my life
  • Are aware of their innate power: They know that they are sovereign, free beings, capable of creating their lives according to their highest ideals and standards. They use their innate power intentionally to create the lives that fit them.
  • Motivated by a higher calling and purpose: They are driven by what they believe in, their purpose and mission in life, and what they are passionate about. They know how to guard their mind against fear-based narratives from the outer world, which are merely distractions for them they choose to avoid.
  • They are no longer chained to their past or traumatic events from their past. They have cleared and let go of any burdens from their past and therefore they are free to create their lives in the present moment.
  • Having clear, healthy boundaries: They are very ok to say NO. They do not entertain anything that is not in alignment with their well-being.
  • They consciously choose and create the behaviors, beliefs, and decisions that serve them: They have understood the trap of social and generational conditioning: To understand more here is an explanation: From the moment we are born in this world, our behavior, character, and patterns are shaped and formed by our parents, the people around us, and the environment. Later on in school, the programming of our identity continues, we get conditioned with so many rules of what is good and what is bad, what is acceptable and what isn't.
  • In a nutshell, from the time you are born, the people around you (unless they are very conscious beings themselves) and the environment is going to put false projections onto you, making you believe that you are something that you are not. We learn how to put on masks so we can fit in. So you are being placed into all these different boxes, with all these labels and rules, and then later in life, you are wondering why you are not happy.
  • You are not happy because you have forgotten who you truly are, you have lost touch with your innate divinity, with the divine creative potential that you hold. - So, conscious creators are very well aware of this fact and they have consciously stripped away all identities, masks, and limitations that were placed on them from when they were born. They consciously let go of these programs and lies that were not serving their highest good and they remembered, they awakened to their divine truth as conscious creators.
  • Feeling safe and secure within themselves, they approve of themselves: They don't seek external validation anymore, they have come to realize that true freedom, safety, and approval can only be found and accessed from within.
  • They use their words with intention, with no time for gossip: They speak less and often only when it is necessary. They are comfortable being silent.
  • Taking full responsibility and leadership for their own lives: They know very well that anything that happens in THEIR lives is a reflection of THEMSELVES, they know that they have co-created everything they experience, whether it's perceived as good or bad. If something goes wrong in their lives they look for the cause within themselves and from there take full self-responsibility and aligned action to solve it.
  • Being very intentional with everything: Everything they ingest and consume is very intentional. From the food they are eating, the content they consume, and the people they engage with. They only take in what raises their vibration and feels good to them. They know that everything they consume, in whatever shape or form, affects them. So they choose to only consume what resonates with them and feels good ultimately.
  • Eliminate distractions as much as possible. They know how to use their time and energy wisely to keep creating and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

To Your Victory And Your Awakening To Being A Conscious Creator,

Hemma from

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