Do These 5 Things To Align To Your Life Purpose In 2023

1. Spend time alone

I invite you to spend more time with yourself this year and get to know yourself.

Often times we have many relationships with other people but forget about building a strong relationship with ourselves first. The more you spend time with yourself, the more you get to know who you really are, the more you will receive the answers to why you are truly here and what your purpose is.

By spending time alone, you can finally face yourself and go deep into your being, your center, your core and discover your soul's plan.

2. Cut out all distractions

Distractions come in many shapes and forms. The outer world is full of it, if you focus on them, it's easy to get lost and swayed off your path of purpose.

Mindless scrolling through social media, consuming content and TV, engaging in negative talk and gossip, being too consumed with other people's lives and their problems versus being there for yourself and focusing on your life, getting lost in people pleasing and not having healthy boundaries… are all forms of distractions and noise to name a few.

Living your life on purpose means being focused on what truly matters in YOUR life. Therefore getting clear on what the distractions and noise are in your own life, then letting them go and cutting them out is essential so you can stay on track with your soul's plan and your path.

3 . Go into nature

Part of why many people don't know what their true purpose is is because they have disconnected from nature, literally. When people spend too much time indoors surrounded by technology, social media, negative content, news, TV, radio, gossip, and mindless chatter, people get easily disconnected from their true nature and their divine essence.

Therefore, if you are truly serious about remembering your life's purpose, it is essential that you go back outside and spend the majority of your time in nature, surrounded by the elements, trees, oceans, plants, and mountains.

Once you cut out the distractions and the noise from your life by distinguishing what matters and what doesn't matter to your growth, your happiness, and your purpose, you will find that you have a lot more time in a day available.

You can now use this time to connect with nature and the elements. You will find that your mental focus will increase significantly, your ability to see and think clearly, your life force energy will be charged and lifted to a whole new level. You will also find yourself getting more inspired, more peaceful, more joyful, and happy.

Nature is full of life-giving energy. It is medicine for our soul, mind and body. You are a part of nature and by connecting back to nature, to the trees, to the oceans, to the plants, to the flowers, and just spending time outside in nature will positively impact every area of your life and your well-being. And this will give you so much more inspiration and guidance for what you came here to do and your true purpose.

4. Ask for help and guidance

By spending more time in nature, you will remember that you are part of nature and the entire existence around you. We are all made of the same essence. The divinity is in all of us and it's all around us.

Nature is conscious and aware. We are all in a relationship with everything around us. The divinity around us and within us is always listening, there to support, guide, and help us. By starting to communicate with nature around you, you will soon realize the deeper connection between you and nature.

When we invite nature back into our lives we open up to receiving the divine guidance that nature has for us. Always remember to be grateful for the magical divine guidance that nature has for us.

5. Build a relationship with God/Source Energy

If you don´t know what your true life purpose is, God certainly does. Building your relationship with source energy, God, infinite divine intelligence, whatever you refer to, is a key component to remembering more of who you truly are and why you are here.

You will receive the visions, guidance, and answers you need by dedicating time to connect to the divine essence within and around you. We strengthen our connection to God, Source Love Energy by inviting it back into our lives. We do this by opening ourselves to a higher power, communicating with it, and expressing our needs, our thoughts, and our feelings through prayer, meditation, and stillness.

May you strengthen your connection to YOUR divine truth, remember more of who you really are, and may you take your life of purpose to a whole new level this year.

To Your Victory,

Hemma from

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