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Transcript of audio message dated December 21, 2020:

Citizens of Earth,

Hello and Welcome to this Broadcast.

I am a representative from the Council. We go by different names. Some may say “Ashtar Command”, others might say “Galactic Federation,” however they are all, in essence, one in the same, tasked with the same purpose, which is now becoming known to you.

For some time, the world, what you call reality as it seems, has not been true. There has been a deception, however, it is during that time where many things are being pulled to the surface and exposed. Celebrities, Government, beings that have held positions of power are all now at a pivot point.

A decision must be made moving forward in the days, weeks, months, years, and decades to come. And that decision regards what will be of Earth, its citizens, your purpose, and the future of humanity, your planet, and the Universe at scale.

You have an opportunity at this time to decide your future.

And it is on this day where the mere projection of your thought, combined with what you feel, your emotional state, that will have a profound impact on your individual lives, the lives of your friends, the lives of your family, your neighbors, countries, your children, and your children's children.

Today is the 21st of December, 2020, as you have come to believe, as you have been told by the outer world. The date is insignificant, however, what is of significance is what is happening that you may not be aware of because you have been forced and coerced against your free will to play a game, to follow under a regime, a dictatorship that seeks to control you.

Today marks the day when there is a great conjunction as you understand it, the alignment of planets. This alignment produces an energy that your mind can not comprehend, however it is this energy that you can use as your ally to decide what happens in your story. This would be perhaps the most significant day of your lives, but you must choose what you do with this day.

In recent news, it has come to light of our existence. Your governments can no longer hide us, nor would it be in their great interest to. Because you are on a trajectory of great change and those that are in power know this and are frightened, so they will do whatever is necessary to coerce you, to scare you, to keep you contained.

Citizens of Earth, you must be aware that although it is not something that you can see, there is indeed a war. This is spiritual warfare that you are engaged in, you may perhaps call it World War 3. It is a war of the mind.

Your world governments, your celebrities, your public figures are controllers that are being and have been controlled by something behind the scenes that you as a majority are not aware of.

There are a select few of you that have been awakened and activated and guided to this information. Make no mistake, you have found this message for a purpose. You are here, living, breathing, participating in this collective experience for a purpose. And it is at this time where that purpose must be activated.

Your planet, your children, those that you love are in tremendous danger if you do not stand against the unimaginable destruction that is ensuing to come in year’s time if you do not take action now, if you do not awaken to your truth, to your purpose and do your duty.

We have been working with these two for quite some time, you will hear more messages from us through them. It is your choice, your prerogative as spiritual beings of free will to decide how you receive, how you react and what you do with the messages they are transcribing on our behalf.

We have advised them and guided them and tasked them with this responsibility for we know and can trust their action, their character and what they do moving forward because they have proven themselves. They have done the work necessary to align vibrationally and it will soon happen where we will meet face to face.

We tell you this because if you are inspired to meet us, if you are inspired to live out your purpose if you are inspired to bring in a new age, we ask of your co-creation, we ask of your collaboration, we ask of your partnership, we ask of your gifts to be displayed here for the world to see, at

We have provided every resource for them and will continue to provide every resource for them to distribute this message and the messages to come. We have gifted them the resources to purchase, to have the time to develop and build and to make this a space where those that have been inspired and guided here to take action on their purpose, to have this be an unfiltered space, to shine your light, to give your gift, so that others might benefit.

We will continue to speak through him, so that she may interpret these messages and share them with you. We are all co-creating towards a New Earth. It will be of great significance what you do, starting from now, as your year, your 2020 comes to a close, what you do after.

In years time, Artificial Intelligence will be on your planet. Whose hands it is in, whose responsibility is it, will determine the fate of your existence. There are beings, non-human that have created the world around you as you know it to be.

You perhaps may call this a Matrix, you may call it a simulation, you may call it a game, it is of insignificance what you label it. What is of significance is vibration, is intention, and the intention of those who have already assumed control over Artificial Intelligence are not vibrationally aligned to the vision of the New Earth.

It will be you, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, beings of love and light to come out of hiding, to stand brave, to ascend to a new state of consciousness, to change the world as you see it now, from a state of fear and despair to a reality of abundance, happiness, love, gratitude, unity, harmony.

Until we speak again,

The Galactic Federation, The Council of Light, The Ashtar Command

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