Your Purpose Is Our Purpose

First: Merry Christmas. This is our gift to you, hope you like it.

The Life Purpose of is to help you find, live, and unleash your Purpose so you can be of great service because we're in a time where that matters. Hemma and I wanted to create something special that really helps people find their true calling in life so we could all help make the world a better place and bring in a New Earth, an Earth where everyone thrives and lives consciously.

I think everyone's got something special to give and deep down knows why they chose to be alive during this wild time, it's just a matter of knowing what that (Purpose) is and how to go about living that out that needs finessing.

How It Happened

Here's a quick story of how came to be:

Hemma and I started traveling the world in June 2018, just a few months after we met. We've been traveling the last 2 years and while that sounds cool, we quickly woke up and saw how we humans have been treating the planet called Earth, the animals, and each other. I also found out in April that year on a very psychedelic mushroom ceremony with Hemma that I can channel multi-dimensional beings from the Galactic Federation and that's how the whole journey to leave New York City to travel with Hemma started...

Anyway, it was in Bali, a claimed "Spiritual" spot that sounded like a good place for us to start our adventure where we went deeper into our Awakening. As soon as we left Bali airport and into a taxi, the first thing I noticed was the air pollution. Bali transportation is mostly done by gas scooter/ moped. Lots of drivers wore face masks to not breathe in the fumes and dirt.

One day we went to a beach (by scooter) where we saw a lot of trash piled up on the beach shores. It was really disgusting and saddening to see for me personally. I only thought it was New York City (where I was born and raised) that this sort of thing would happen (really dumb of me to think that). I'd soon find out though it was all a global problem caused by something behind the scenes I'll talk about in future posts.

Bali Indonesia - July 2018

the lifepurpose of - Bali

Fast forward to December 2018, we went to Visoko, Bosnia to check out the Pyramids and interview Dr. Sam, the guy that found the Pyramids in 2005. It was there that Viberational Life was born (thanks Andonis).

Visoko Bosnia - December 2018

the lifepurpose of - Bosnia

Since then, we've been refining how we could help humanity unleash its Purpose. Most of 2019 was planning, traveling, learning, and working on my Doctorate. We decided we had to function independently from social media (because they control too much), so we had to rethink how we'd get our message out to a lot of people fast, and that's how started. It cost a lot to buy the website at the time, but I have faith we made the right decision, and we'll do whatever it takes to help make the world a better place.

We already knew from my channeling 2020 was going to be a life-changing year for everyone and that it wouldn't be "safe" to travel so we had to be hyper-focused on making the Viberational Life vision doable. So here we are now, laying our foundation down, one post at a time.

Your Purpose. A New Earth.

From all the research I've done for my dissertation, our channeled messages, the madness of 2020, and now the disclosure of an ET group, "The Galactic Federation" (we are indeed not alone in the Universe), this is the PERFECT time to start talking about what we've found along the journey and to hold a space for other people that are committed to living their Purpose to co-create something significant with us.

So chances are you found this post for a reason and chances are I created this post for you, for that reason.

But do you know what that reason is? Do you know your Purpose and what's next?

If you do, co-create content with us and inspire others to create a New Earth.

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