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Expressing your sexual energy freely is important because it allows you to access higher states of consciousness or what late psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls "flow state" (Oppland, 2016), which is necessary to fulfill your life's purpose at the highest level possible.

However, when you're not able to express your sexual energy, your sexual energy becomes stifled, which according to Korahais, will cause you to experience a lack of creativity you'll need to express your life's purpose (Korahais, 2014).

Reclaiming your sexual energy requires you to acknowledge and embrace your sexual energy, which can then help you embody more of your authenticity and what you're passionate about so you can be in full alignment with your purpose (Nakamura & Csikszentmihalyi, 2009).

By acknowledging your sexual energy and freely expressing it, you can have greater clarity, creativity, and power to help you fulfill your life's purpose.

In today's podcast episode, "Reclaiming Your Sexual Energy To Live Your Life's Purpose," we talk about the importance of using your sexual energy constructively to live your purpose and the consequences being sexually repressed has on living your life's purpose.

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Your Sexual Energy's Role In Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose

Your sexual energy plays a BIG role in living and fulfilling your life's purpose.

Think of your sexual energy as a special type of rocket fuel 🚀.

This rocket fuel 🚀 powers your creativity, ambition, and overall well-being.

Therefore, understanding how to harness and use your sexual energy constructively can help you manifest the BIG vision God gifted you by empowering you to take massive action as a BIG ONE and fulfill your BIG purpose.

Research from Brody and Costa cites that the actual act of sexual intercourse can improve one's overall well-being and help one reach self-actualization (2009). This is also resonant with Diamond's assertion that one's sexual energy, when harnessed effectively is a catalyst for creativity, motivation, and personal growth (2010).

Diving deeper, other research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience highlights the connection between one's sexual energy and one's cognitive functioning. Baumeister's published work in the Journal of Sex Research found that sexual arousal is associated with increased creativity and problem-solving abilities (2002), which suggests that embracing and channeling one's sexual energy can enhance one's capacity for innovation and achievement.

So to make it stupid simple, expressing our sexual energy is a good thing.

Having sex is good for your overall well-being.

When you're tuned into your sexual energy, it helps you be creative, solve problems and inspires you to do something with your life (a.k.a. live your purpose).

Think back on times when you were horny (let's call it what it is) and you wanted sex.

Chances are you went out of your way to get laid: you started working out, reading, wearing nicer clothes, speaking more confidently, etc., all so you could sexually attract the person you wanted to have sex with.

Now if you think about all the things you were willing to do to attract sexual partners using your sexual energy, you were expressing what you thought the other person wanted. It's like you were doing a mating call or "peacocking" to get the attention of that special someone.

What was happening to you in that heightened state of sexual arousal?

You were expressing more of your creativity, ambition, and sexual energy.

All that powerful life force energy in you was bursting to come out and make itself known.

Now let's take it a step further and imagine being able to use that sexual energy for your life's purpose.

When you're using your sexual energy to fulfill your life's purpose, you're tapping into higher levels of consciousness and creativity.

You're becoming more innovative, entrepreneurial, and action-oriented.

Even Tantra and Taoism have acknowledged for a long time the transformative power of using one's sexual energy to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. These ancient practices emphasized the cultivation and circulation of one's sexual energy to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

In the context of modern psychology, Dr. Carl Jung talked about the "libido" as a broad term to encompass both sexual and psychic energy. Jung believed that libido is essential for individuation, the process of integrating one's conscious and unconscious aspects to realize one's true self and life purpose (Jung, 1933).

Your sexual energy is more important than you thought. It'll help you express yourself and fulfill your purpose when you're in tune with your sexual energy.

The Power Of Flow State In Living A Purposeful Life

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's work revolved heavily around the "flow state," (being "in the zone") which is a state of deep focus, effortless action, heightened creativity, and a deep sense of enjoyment during the performance of an activity (Oppland, 2016).

Flow state is a complete immersion in the present moment, where you're fully absorbed in what you're doing, which makes you lose track of time and self-consciousness.

It's theorized that accessing and staying in this flow state is important for helping us reach our full potential and live our purpose.

Csikszentmihalyi's research in happiness and positive psychology suggests that experiencing flow increases satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being (1990). When we're in the flow, we're fully immersed in the present moment, we're not distracted, and we don't care about anything else because all of our energy is laser-focused on the thing we're doing.

But how does one get into a flow state?

Do what God created you for: live your life's purpose.

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As a pioneer in researching flow state, Csikszentmihalyi's studies have shown that individuals who frequently enter the flow state report higher levels of fulfillment and a stronger sense of purpose in life (Nakamura & Csikszentmihalyi, 2009).

Getting into the flow state can happen frequently when you're living your purpose because you use your innate gifts, talents, passion, and creativity to do something purposeful.

Think about an athlete, musician, entrepreneur, or anyone who does what they do at the highest level and many of them would likely acknowledge they enjoy what they do and their best comes out when they're in the flow.

Athletes like Serena Williams and Michael Jordan talked about being "in the zone" during BIG moments of their careers, where they were in such a flow, that they created miraculous game-winning moments.

man in red t-shirt and black pants jumping on black metal fence
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Similarly, musicians like Yo-Yo Ma and Adele have spoken about getting into the flow state when they gave memorable performances on stage, feeling completely connected to their music and fans.

Even in the business world, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are known for their ability to enter the flow state during problem-solving sessions, which helped them be innovative and do something BIG.

The flow state helps you do what God put you on Earth to do, live your purpose.

By understanding and harnessing this laser-focused state of consciousness, you can do a lot of special things when you're in the flow and can achieve high levels of success and fulfillment.

So basically, if you want to live in a state of flow (the present moment), live your life's purpose because when you're living your purpose, you're doing what you enjoy, keeping you in the flow state.

The Connection Between Flow State, Purpose, and Sexual Energy

What do flow state, sexual energy, and your purpose have to do with one another?


The flow state is the state when you're "in the zone" and achieving that state seems to happen when you're doing what you enjoy (living your purpose), which enables you to do it at a high level.

Your sexual energy motivates you to do things that increase your chances of getting sex with the person you're attracted to, but when that energy is harnessed for your life purpose, it helps you access higher levels of creativity, action, and accomplishment.

According to Sacks, those who practice semen retention have more sexual energy, an increase in energy, and elevated testosterone (Sacks, 2023).

Why mention this?

Athletes have been especially known to practice semen retention to increase their testosterone on purpose.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has also been known to hold it in before his fights so that he has a competitive edge over his opponent, and with a record of 50-0, you have to think about why your sexual energy is so important.

Cohen expresses that giving up our sexual energy through ejaculation can lead to a decline in both physical and psychological well-being, including decreased mental acuity, diminished balance and stability, weakened core strength, lower energy levels, and heightened desire for bodily pleasures (Cohen, 2019).

Floyd Mayweather likely knew harnessing his sexual energy would enable him to be mentally sharp and access his flow state so that he could perform at a high level and beat all of his opponents.

Your sexual energy enables you to access the flow state when that energy is used to live your life's purpose.

Spiritual teacher Osho has written on the significance of harnessing one's sexual energy for a higher purpose in his book, "From Sex to Super Consciousness," where he explores the concept of transforming the physical act of sex into spiritual enlightenment through the integration and transcendence of sexual energy.

Sexual energy and flow can work in unison to help you effortlessly fulfill your life's purpose, however, it will require you to integrate your shadows and acknowledge whatever you've denied, disliked, or repressed about yourself.

If you want to learn more about your shadows, check out this post 👇:

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Achieving 10x first begins in the mind and to cultivate a 10x mind, we need to address and let go of the things that have limited us from going 10x: our shadows.

Reclaim Your Sexual Energy To Live Your Purpose

Understanding how to use your sexual energy to get into the flow state is BIG in helping you live your purpose. By embracing your sexual energy, you tap into higher levels of consciousness and creativity, enabling you to manifest your BIG vision and take massive action toward your purpose.

Csikszentmihalyi's work on flow and doing what you enjoy solidifies the importance of being in tune with what makes you come alive so that you can reach your full potential and live your purpose.

When your sexual energy is focused on living your purpose, you'll find that living in the flow state will give you heightened clarity, motivation, and fulfillment, which will help make your BIG contribution effortless.

If Osho, Floyd Mayweather, and all these psychologists and neuroscientists knew about the power of using one's sexual energy, it would be worth harnessing this reservoir of energy so that we may individually and collectively create a New Earth by living our full potential and fulfilling our BIG mission.

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