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To ascend from your shadows to your life's purpose, you must successfully integrate the aspects of yourself that you've repressed because that will be the key 🔑 to assist you in becoming the BIG ONE you were destined to be and fulfilling your special mission.

According to Beckler, "Ascension is the process of clearing and releasing the emotional blockages, thoughts, and beliefs that limit us from experiencing the fullness of supreme consciousness. By transmuting lower vibrational expressions like anger, judgment, guilt, shame, and greed into compassion, we are able to balance the dense and shadow parts of ourselves" (Beckler, 2020).

In today's podcast episode, "Ascending From Your Shadows To Your Life's Purpose," we talk about the journey from acknowledging and embracing our shadows to realizing our life's purpose, as discussed in recent episodes on 10x-ing and evolving to a higher consciousness, recognizing that our shadows serve as a key step towards unlocking our fullest potential and ascending to a higher level of consciousness.

Listen to the podcast episode "Ascending From Your Shadows To Your Life's Purpose" here 👇:

Your Shadow Wants You To Fulfill Your Purpose

Our shadows serve as gatekeepers to our true potential and are the key to helping us fulfill our life's purpose. Understanding and embracing our shadows is not only about accepting ourselves but is also a BIG step toward fulfilling what we came here to do.

Perry expresses that a key benefit of doing shadow work is discovering our hidden talents (Perry, 2022) because not all aspects of our shadow are about our 'darkness.'

It seems that our shadow wants us to acknowledge it not to hurt us, but to help us fulfill our life's purpose because we have special gifts and talents that need to be rediscovered for us to fulfill our purpose.

Lee explains that within each of us lies a shadow and a golden shadow and that it is the golden shadow that holds our hidden potential, but it's buried within our unconscious (Lee, 2023).

A BIG step each of us can take today is to do our shadow work and integrate our golden shadow so that we may fulfill our purpose to the greatest capacity that we're capable of and collectively ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

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Integrate Your Shadows To Express Your Life's Purpose

Ascending from our shadows to our life's purpose requires a willingness to integrate the parts of ourselves we've rejected. Through the process of integrating our shadows, we can reclaim a BIG aspect of ourselves that enables us to express who we are, honestly and authentically.

If one is not aware of their shadows and has yet to integrate the repressed aspects of themselves, it is believed that those repressed aspects can get projected onto others (Zen, 2021).

Think of an emotion you've felt at times when you were 'triggered' (an emotional or psychological reaction to something that upsets you). Whether the trigger made you feel anger, shame, fear, or guilt, the emotional or psychological response was likely linked to a trauma, which is connected to your shadow and stored within you as pent-up energy.

The repressed aspects of ourselves will find a way to come out of hiding destructively until we become aware of our triggers and learn how to use our pent-up energy constructively.

Have you ever owned a BIG dog? A dog, just like a human being, needs a certain amount of daily exercise to feel good, be calm, and not develop health issues or destructive behaviors. When a dog hasn't exercised for a few days and is left idle, it'll often start destroying things with excessive chewing to release its pent-up energy. We all have pent-up energy in the form of a shadow and the energy will eventually find a way to express itself, whether constructively or destructively.

Integrating your shadow aspects signals to your psyche that it's acceptable to express how you feel because when you express how you feel, you can constructively use your shadows' pent-up energy.

By integrating negative emotions such as anger, fear, and shame into something constructive, you allow your shadow to express itself so that it knows there's nothing wrong with it and that it's perfectly normal to feel the feelings it feels.

Had motivational influencers like Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, or Eric Thomas rejected their background and their shadows, they very likely would not be who they are today and have impacted the people who resonated with their stories.

Integrating your shadows lets you express your purpose, truth, and who you were born to be.

The Conscious Choice To Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Lewis writes that the focus of shadow work is to explore the darker aspects of one's psyche to gain a greater understanding of oneself, confront their fears or demons, and become more whole (Lewis, 2023).

Doing shadow work, however, is a conscious choice, just like fulfilling your life's purpose. Because our shadows are the parts of ourselves that live within our subconscious mind, we must consciously choose to embrace the repressed aspects of ourselves. Otherwise, our shadows will continue to grow and influence us.

By consciously acknowledging our shadows and understanding their role in shaping our behavior and beliefs, we open ourselves to profound inner healing and self-realization.

Explore the idea of owning and embracing your shadow, integrating both the light and dark aspects of yourselves. Who could you become and how could you express your life's purpose differently once you've tapped into the complete spectrum of who you are when you embrace your shadow?

Ascending From Your Shadows To Your Life's Purpose

Ascending from your shadows to your life's purpose requires integrating repressed aspects of yourself. By integrating your shadows, you can access your golden shadow, where your hidden talents are, which will help you fulfill your unique mission, and ascend to a new level of consciousness.

Shadowwork isn't just about accepting yourself, it's about consciously choosing to integrate and express key aspects of your psyche for profound inner healing and self-realization because your shadows aren't meant to be feared or avoided, but embraced as integral parts of who you are so you can fulfill your purpose.

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