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"Wholeness" is a state of consciousness and a feeling that starts within you. Discovering your wholeness is a BIG part of finding and living your life's purpose because, from a place of wholeness, you're not seeking validation or other external assurance of your BIGNESS: you own and express who you truly are.

Wholeness isn't about chasing perfection or living up to the outer world's projections that have been placed upon you. Instead, wholeness is about acknowledging and embodying the already completeness within you.

When you remember you were already whole, you can express your life's purpose how you choose, free of result, outcome, validation, and distraction.

In today's podcast episode, "Discovering Wholeness For Your Life's Purpose," Hemma talks about her magic mushroom trip and the insights she received on wholeness.

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What Is 'Wholeness'?

According to Aletheia, "wholeness is a trait of your innermost Being and therefore, it’s also an experience you can have in moments of silence, stillness, contemplation, and present moment awareness" (Aletheia, 2023).

So basically, wholeness is about being complete and fulfilled from within. It's not about being "perfect" or living your life how the outer world wants; rather, it's about remembering you're already whole and don't need anything outside of you because you're already enough. That's not to say you can't have people, things, or experiences in your life, you just don't come from a needy place when you feel inner wholeness.

There's an innate completeness within each of us and when you remember this truth for yourself, it'll free you from being needy and help you focus on being content. When you're free of neediness, living from that place of consciousness will allow you to express your life's purpose without needing anyone's approval or validation since you're being true to yourself and knowing your purpose is enough.

Deepak Chopra and Paul Mills express that living in a state of nonduality (wholeness) is "a state of being, knowing, and perception, that all that exists is one" and that to achieve this state of wholeness, one must transcend the ego (one's identity or conditioned identity) to realize nonduality. (Chopra & Mills, 2018).

In a world that emphasizes humanity's need for endless solutions to become externally whole, inner wholeness is our compass guiding us back to the essence of our Beingness.

Since you were born, you've likely been led to believe you're not whole and that you must go outside of yourself to have your needs met, whether needing a relationship to feel whole, the newest tech gadget, a job to be considered successful, and yet the more you believe you need, the less whole you'll believe you are and the weaker you'll become.

In an article published by MasterClass, titled 'What Is Personal Power? How to Develop Your Personal Power,' Personal power, in theory, comes from having self-awareness and "can help you reach your full potential, both in your personal life and at work" (MasterClass, 2022).

Because wholeness is power, when we embody wholeness, we're able to access an inner strength that empowers us to make a significant contribution to others with our purpose.

Lack Of Wholeness Disconnects You From Your Purpose

The outer world has conditioned you to feel disconnected from yourself. The disconnection from self contributes to a disconnection from wholeness, which disconnects you from your purpose.

When there's a lack of inner wholeness, you might be likely to do nonmeaningful work that sucks the life out of you and causes you to experience mental health issues like anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, or burnout.

Ryff's research suggests that individuals who lack a sense of wholeness are more prone to feelings of anxiety, depression, and existential emptiness. They may struggle with self-identity and experience constant dissatisfaction (Ryff, 1989).

Tilburg asserts that "burnout is the ultimate expression of not living your purpose" and that "experiencing our essential wholeness is the true purpose for all of us" (Tilburg, 2018) therefore, if we choose to be connected with our true purpose, we must be able to experience a sense of wholeness.

Living out of alignment with yourself and your life's purpose continues to make you experience a lack of wholeness.

Think about it: if you're working a job you can't stand, but you're at that job because you think you need the paycheck the job is providing due to believing you need the job to ensure your survival, you won't be able to access higher states of consciousness that could guide you on how to monetize your life's purpose, make a meaningful contribution to others, and feel deep inner fulfillment.

Your purpose isn't necessarily about achieving a goal, instead, it's about answering a deep inner calling that aligns with your unique talents, values, and passions, which expands your sense of wholeness.

When you lack wholeness, you'll struggle to live your purpose because you're so wrapped in listening to the outer world's bullshit that you disconnect yourself from listening to your inner God's voice, which knows everything you must do to fulfill your BIG mission.

Achieving 'Wholeness' To Fulfil Your Life's Purpose

Achieving wholeness to fulfill your life's purpose starts with remembering you're connected to all that is and that you're already whole. You must live in that state of consciousness and project that thought 24/7.

Only when you embrace your wholeness can you reconnect with your authentic self and align with your true purpose in life.

Research by psychologists such as Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow emphasizes the importance of integrating all aspects of the self, including the shadow and the light side of our psyches to achieve true wholeness. By embracing our perceived flaws, imperfections, and things we like (or love) about ourselves, we can cultivate a state of wholeness.

The journey towards inner wholeness naturally aligns with your life purpose because it puts you in vibrational alignment with being your most authentic self. When you live from a place of wholeness, your actions and decisions are in harmony with your values and aspirations and as you embrace your unique gifts and talents, you'll contribute to others, fulfilling your life's purpose.

Author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle emphasizes that true fulfillment can only be found within, through presence and awareness of the present moment. He suggests that our identification with external forms and labels obscures our true essence, leading to feelings of lack or inadequacy.

Tolles' insights from "The Power Of Now" emphasize living in the present moment to achieve inner peace. When we're in the present moment, we're no longer thinking about the past or future: our focus is on what's happening right now.

Living in the now helps us realize our potential.

Living in the now connects us to all that is: our wholeness.

Maslow proposed the concept of self-actualization as the pinnacle of human development, where individuals realize their full potential and achieve a sense of wholeness (Maslow, 2006). He believed that self-actualized people exhibit authenticity, creativity, and a sense of purpose, which arise from a deep understanding and acceptance of themselves.

Your state of consciousness is crucial for achieving wholeness. As you expand your awareness and deepen your connection to your innermost being, you become attuned to the inherent wholeness in every aspect of your existence. This heightened consciousness enables you to transcend limiting beliefs and perceived separations, becoming one with all that is.

Wholeness isn't a destination to be reached but rather a process of self-discovery and self-realization. It's about remembering you're already enough, you've always been enough, and how you express yourself through your life's purpose is enough.

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Integrating Your Shadows and Embodying Your 'Wholeness'

The journey towards wholeness involves self-awareness, self-acceptance, and inner healing. It requires us to confront and integrate all aspects of ourselves, namely our dark and golden shadows which we've written more about here 👇:

Your Life Purpose And The Golden Shadow
The golden shadow is the best version of yourself that you have the potential to become and when consciously integrated, your golden shadow will help you to unleash the BIGness of your life’s purpose.

As Carl Jung described, our shadows are the ignored or repressed aspects of ourselves that we've pushed away because we believe that the outer world does not accept who we are.

So we hide ourselves. What does that do though? It creates a shadow.

The shadow isn't going to disappear though: it's still part of us and comes out at certain moments that might seem like self-sabotage, criticism, judgment, defensiveness, anger, or other shadow-like tendencies that shadows do.

However, by integrating these shadows, we can begin to embody our wholeness and unlock our true potential, which will help us fulfill our purpose.

Conscious awareness is the key to remembering our wholeness and living in alignment with ourselves. By cultivating mindfulness and presence, we can observe our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgment. This allows us to make empowered choices that honor our authentic selves and contribute to our well-being.

Integrating your shadows is the act of you embodying your wholeness. By confronting your shadows and accepting yourself, you're accepting all of you: yourself. From that state of self-acceptance and living your life purpose without fear or self-criticism, you'll be able to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and evolve as a Spirit.

By facing your shadows, you'll access the proverbial gold within the shadow and transform the perceived weakness within you into sources of strength and wisdom.

This blog post is based on psychological concepts and personal growth principles. It is important to consult with a qualified therapist or mental health professional for personalized guidance and support in working with shadow aspects and integrating them into your life.

Discovering Wholeness For Your Life's Purpose

The journey towards wholeness is internal and begins with acknowledging the innate completeness within you.

Wholeness isn't someone telling you your whole, it's about recognizing your inherent worth and embracing your authentic self.

Living in a state of wholeness entails transcending the ego and realizing the interconnectedness of all existence, which is already a part of you.

By integrating all aspects of ourselves, including our shadows, and living from a place of wholeness, we'll be equipped to live authentically and fulfill our true purpose.

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