Shedding These Three Limiting Beliefs Will Serve You To Live Your Authentic Purpose To Its Fullest.

"Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you are both usually right."

Our beliefs are strong convictions that we have formed and taken on from the outer world. They dictate our life experiences and either limit us or empower us.

To change our experience we have to change our beliefs, let go of some and adopt new, empowering ones.

In this post, we are going to share with you three very common limiting beliefs to let go of so that you can step into your true divine purpose, and fully own who you came here to be, authentically and unapologetically.

First limiting belief to let go of:  Believing that your lifepurpose is all about DOING something. Who says that your true purpose is always about doing stuff? What if your purpose is to just BE THE HIGHEST AND MOST AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF?

It is time we release old ways of thinking that we have to do something to feel valuable. When you are in your highest state of being and you make it a habit to be fully, authentically yourself, this can be extremely valuable to everything and everyone around you.

We all carry our own soul's medicine. When we are fully authentic and we live in integrity with our truest selves, the medicine we hold becomes most potent. This is our gift we can give, to ourselves and the world.

Second limiting belief to let go of: Believing that you need a degree or some form of qualification to live your true purpose.

Many people believe they are not qualified to be who they truly came here to be and to share their gifts and talents. It is an outdated idea that no longer serves the energies of our New Earth, the need of humanity and the planet. What we need are bold people who fully embrace who they came here to be and who share their unique gifts with others and the world.

There's nothing wrong with having degrees and specific qualifications but it is not a mandatory thing for you to live your true purpose. There are many people out there who never went to college, who don't have any form of institutional training, and yet they live their purpose full time, have a huge impact, and are very successful with it.

So don't let the idea of you having to get a degree or some college education prevent you from stepping into your true divine purpose and from sharing your unique genius with our world. Remember, "fortune favors the bold."

Third limiting belief to let go of: Believing you can't do something because it has never been done before.

You see, you came here with pioneering ideas, visions, codes, and plans. You may not be fully aware of them yet but they are within you. You too are here to build and create things that have never been done /created before. It's about time we all fully embrace our own ways of being a pioneer, a way shower, and be brave to walk a path that no one has ever walked before.

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