As I just turned 30 this year, I reflected on the last ten years of my life. I gathered five valuable realizations about my purpose, and the subject of life purpose, in general. During the last ten years of my life, I got a lot of clarity on my purpose in life, why I'm here on Earth, and what I would love to do and create in my lifetime. I trust that these realizations I share with you here can be insightful and perhaps give you a "shortcut" for your life in terms of finding and remembering what your own purpose is.

Realization 1: living our lives with purpose means living a life of service.

I realized that I feel at ease and fulfilled when I can be of service to a bigger cause/purpose than just myself. I feel that I live truly on purpose when I can be of service to something that I believe in and contribute to that with my own gifts and talents.

I also realized that service to others starts with service to yourself first. Making sure that you look and feel your best is important as keeping your energy at a high state. Because when you serve yourself, making sure you are doing well on all levels, - in body, mind, and spirit, you then can show up to serve something bigger than yourself, from a full cup.

So yes, while living on purpose means being of service to the world, to the planet, to something bigger than just you, it first starts with you, having your cup always filled. When your energy is full and you feel good then you can show up to serve on a bigger scale.

Realization 2: to be of greatest service, I had to get clarity on what my special gifts were by rediscovering and remembering who I was.

Every single soul, every one of us has unique gifts to share with this world. It is by really getting to know yourself on a deep level that you will find your unique gifts and abilities. When we dive deep into getting to know ourselves first and realize what our true soul gifts are, we are then able to be of service by using those gifts wisely with others and the world.

Realization 3: the ultimate purpose is love.

That can be interpreted in your own way. For me, it means knowing and remembering that my purpose in this lifetime is to be the fullest expression and potential of who I came here to be. When I do what is in alignment with love, I create from a place of love, share my gifts from a place of love, and when my intentions are based on love, I know that I am living my purpose.

Realization 4: serving with pure intention is key.

When you desire to serve something bigger than yourself and you show up with pure intentions, rest assured you will be supported in unexpected ways.

There is an infinite divine intelligence that is omnipresent and always looking out for you. It is there to communicate with you, support and guide you, once you are open for that. And when you are ready to live in your purpose and you have pure intentions this divine intelligence will conspire in your favor.

Realization 5: surrendering my ego-desires to the divine will was the game changer.

By surrendering my ego desires to the divine will, which is always considering the greater good of all, miracles started to happen and unexpected support was always given. By releasing our ego desires and instead opening ourselves to co-create with the divine will/divine plan we align much faster to our true divine destiny and purpose.

How do we surrender to the divine will? Very simple. When you realize that your human is very limited and it does not get you very far, there is only one way and that is to surrender to the divine presence, your higher self, God, whatever you want to call it.

When we state out loud, saying that we are ready to surrender to the divine will and the true purpose of our higher self, then true miracles can and will happen.

May you realize that living your purpose can be effortlessly simple. All we need to do is surrender and get out of our own way by trusting that there is a higher divine presence everywhere-in-through and around us that has our back.

To Your Remembering And Victory, Hemma from

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