This exercise can give you profound clarity on your life purpose. I highly recommend you do this exercise regularly, once a day for 21 days. If you receive clarity on the first day that's great. The more you do it the more clarity and guidance will come through for you. Trust the step-by-step process and be open to receiving miracles.

How to do this exercise:

Step 1: Go for a walk in nature and set the intention to cleanse and purify your mind and energy and to be centered in your presence.

Step 2: When you return from your walk, create a safe and uninterrupted space, just for yourself where you can be in total silence.

Step 3: Get a journal, a notebook, or just a pen and paper. Perhaps, get some colored pencils, a candle, smudging tools, or incense.

Step 4: Get yourself comfortable. Light your candle and your incense. Then get into a comfortable, upright seated position with your spine nice and straight.

Step 5: Focus on your breath and take at least 3 deep breaths into your stomach to center yourself and calm your nervous system.

Step 6: Set the intention to create a pure connection with God, source, infinite divine intelligence, and your divine presence. Use whatever term works for you.

Step 7: Ask the question "Dear God, Universe, Highest Self, (again choose a word that works for you). Reveal to me the highest vision and purpose for my life. Show me and guide me. I am here, willing to receive."

Step 8: Put your hands on your heart and stay connected to your heart as much as possible in this process.

Be silent and willing to receive. Stay in the seated upright position for as long as you are comfortable. Stay in the receptive mode to the downloads, visions, and insights that may come to you.

During this exercise, it's important to let go of the analytical, overthinking mind. Be in the receptive mode and allow the highest visions for your life to be shown to you. Trust the process. Even if nothing comes to you on the very first try, we highly recommend you do this process for the next 21 days every day before you go to bed or early in the morning, when it's still dark outside.

Commit to the practice until you have received all the clarity that you need. The answers, the visions, and the clarity will come sooner or later when you are committed to this practice, rest assured.

To Your Victory, Hemma from


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