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For you to live your life purpose, you'll have to trust the path you're on even when you feel moments of uncertainty. When you find yourself at a crossroads between doing what the rest of society expects of you and what your life's purpose is, if you choose to live your purpose, you will have to navigate your path with trust. In today's podcast episode, "Trusting The Path Of Your Life Purpose," we speak on our journeys and share some insights with you and the other BIG ONEs on trusting the path you're on as you fulfill your life purpose.

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Trusting The Path Of Your Life Purpose

Walking the path of your life purpose is unique to you and as such, no one can navigate your path but you. There may be days when you have absolute certainty about what you're doing for your life's purpose and other days when you feel uncertain. No matter what, when you have trust in the path of your life's purpose, that trust will be your compass and guide you to your destination.

As Presutti states, "when we maintain trust in ourselves, it means that we can count on ourselves in any situation to make the best choices we can with the circumstances and information we have been given" (Presutti), which underlines the significance of trusting yourself enough to see the vision for your life's purpose become a reality.

Trust is a key component to fulfilling your life's purpose because doubt will poison your mind, and beliefs, and prevent you from letting go of your old life so that you can become a BIG ONE with unlimited potential.

If you don't trust that the path you're currently on will get you to the next stage of your journey, you might believe you have to quit because the vision for your life's purpose is impossible to realize.

What's Your Intuition Telling You About Your Life Purpose?

Kutsch summarizes that intuition is insight that arises spontaneously without conscious reasoning (Kutsch, 2019). Your intuition can either be a whispering voice in your mind, a feeling, or any other internal response system that's always guiding you.

Whenever you feel confused, turn inward, spend time alone, and connect with your higher self or the divine intelligence, what some call God or the Universe. Ask your higher self and the divine intelligence for guidance and direction. In due time, answers will come to you and show you a path you didn't see before that will align you with your life's purpose. When the path reveals itself, trust the path and know that what you'll be doing will be a tool you'll likely use again in the future.

Have you ever received a vision, had a thought, seen something, or heard something that stuck out to you that you just had to pay attention to and you couldn't logically explain why? That's likely your intuition communicating with you in a way to get your attention and point you in the direction you need to go in to fulfill the next stage of your life's purpose.

The next time your intuition communicates with you, pay attention to what's being communicated to you by writing it down and asking for more clarity on its meaning. If you receive a clear vision, thought, or feeling of what to do next for your life purpose, just do it.

Strengthening Your Self-Trust Daily

Strengthening your self-trust daily is just as important as training your physical body: the muscles must be strong so that you can persist through uncertainty and take uncommon actions that may not make logical sense.

The more you trust yourself, the more confident you’ll be in moving forward towards your goals (Katherine), which is a vital trait to develop as you walk your path.

If you've ever pursued something that didn't work out for you, can you change your perception about it? What if something you pursued that you thought you wanted was intentionally designed that way through your subconscious to help you acquire a skill or insight that you would need for your life purpose?

Some people lack the courage to continue fulfilling their life purpose because they believe that if something doesn't work out the way they wanted it to the first time they are a 'failure.' Most people get discouraged when things don't work out the way they intended, which in turn discourages them from continuing to trust themselves.

We've taken many detours on our journey to living our life's purpose, but we continue trusting ourselves because it's at this stage of our journey that we are now witnessing that our intuition was guiding us accurately all along.

To strengthen your self-trust daily, take action and don't overthink it. If you receive an insight, vision, thought, or anything else that sticks out to you, take action on it and see where it takes you.

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"Self-trust is the first secret of success" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your Life Purpose Is Part Of A BIG Vision

Much like Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Kiyosaki had the vision to teach financial literacy to the next generation and make being financially literate the norm rather than the exception.

Kiyosaki received the vision to create the Rich Dad company but probably didn't think that his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" would become as successful as it had become. Anything is possible when you have trust and take action on the BIG vision for your life purpose.

When you receive a vision for your life's purpose and take action on it, you have the opportunity to create transformative ripple effects. No matter the magnitude of the vision you have, when you have the passion to fulfill a great service through living your life's purpose, you can impact future generations and the quality of life for many.

Play The LONG Game For Your Life Purpose

Much like Gary Vaynerchuk emphasizes, fulfilling your life purpose is about playing the long game, and because you're playing the long game, you have to treat your life purpose like a marathon.

The vision you've received for your life's purpose is the destination. From where you are now until you've reached your destination, walking your path will be a gradual process.

Your life's purpose is an always-evolving creative act. Think beyond the present moment and understand that it takes time, persistence, and a long-term focused mindset to get to where you've envisioned yourself.

To play the long game, you have to take daily consistent action, and over time your efforts will return compounding results you may not have expected. which is written about at length here 👉: www.lifepurpose.com/applying-the-compound-effect-to-live-your-lifes-purpose/

While the path might seem uncertain, every twist and turn contributes to the intricate tapestry of your life purpose. You have to trust the whispers of your intuition and take action when your inner voice tells you to do so.

So as you navigate your path, be patient, trust yourself, and remember that you're playing the long game.

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