Today's podcast episode is about shifting from suicidal ideation to a life with purpose.

In today's podcast episode, Gabriel talks about his experiences with suicidal ideation. Gabriel mentions that the biggest contributing factor to having thoughts of ending this life was because he felt he didn't have a purpose.

Are you feeling unsupported or disconnected with your soul or why you're here?

Are you going through the day-to-day motions of life?

Do you feel lost? Stuck? Unfulfilled? Like a waste of space?

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Are you living your life's purpose?

If you're going through a dark time in your life, ask yourself if you're living your life's purpose.

No matter what your circumstances are, ask yourself if you're connected with your purpose.

Your psychology, mindset, attitude, your overall personality needs a revamp.

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason why you do not want to live is because you're not following God's plan for your life?

What if it's not part of the plan to be where you are currently and God wants you to seek your purpose with all your heart?

Is suicidal ideation really your desire to kill yourself or is suicidal ideation something you need to acknowledge? Is there pain you've experienced that you haven't been able to express? Do you simply need an outlet to express unexpressed pain?

The times when we feel our lowest can become our greatest gifts if we use those times as opportunities to reinvent ourselves and connect to God and our life's purpose.

When you're facing BIG challenges and you feel like you can't go on, that's the moment you need to pivot. That's the moment where you must ask yourself, are you living your purpose? Do you need to change and reinvent yourself?

Ask yourself these questions to get clarity on your purpose

What is my life purpose?

Am I living in alignment with my purpose?

What is the very next step to fulfilling my purpose?

It will require you to be conscious and aware that you have a purpose.

You must believe you have a purpose and that God has a special plan for you.

Never settle or quit on your purpose and why you're here.

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How do you shift from suicidal ideation to living your life's purpose?

You need to make a BIG change to your life.

You need to take massive action.

When Gabriel was at his lowest and wanted to give up on his life, he went to Peru and took Ayahuasca. From there, he made the decision that he was going to leave New York City and his coaching practice to begin a new life. He sold all of his possessions and lived out a backpack.

That decision to let go and start over was the defining moment in Gabriel's life to awaken his life's purpose.

It's only when you let go, that a whole new life becomes possible for you.

If you've ever thought of ending your life or wanted to give up, ask yourself why are you here?

Ask yourself what your purpose is in life because I can assure you that you have a purpose.

Stay in the game, tell your story, and make your contribution.

Just hang in there, you have a BIG purpose.

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