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Have you ever had a dream, fantasy, or random idea that suddenly comes to you and is so vivid, that you almost feel like that vision is truer to you than your reality? Well, that might just be God (or whichever higher power you believe in) gifting you the vision for your life's purpose. In today's podcast episode, we talk about God's vision for your purpose, why you need to value God's vision for your life purpose, and how to do something about it.

Listen to the podcast episode "God's Vision For Your Purpose" here 👇:

God Speaks To You And Gives You Clues About Your Life Purpose

According to Ward, "God works at the intersection of our gifts and our passions," emphasizing the divine orchestration of our purpose through the alignment of our innate talents and deepest passions (Ward, 2017). Your gifts and passions are massive clues to what your life's purpose is, so take a moment to write down what you're good at and passionate about.

God knows your soul and therefore knows what your life's purpose is. Your responsibility is to be in alignment with God's plan for your life purpose and follow the clues God has given you.

If you haven't paid attention before, start looking out for any clues or signs in the outer world because it's likely God trying to get your attention and guide you (like this blog post for example) to your life purpose. Write down any ideas, dreams, or fantasies you've had and meditate on their purpose.

Put Value On God's Vision For Your Life Purpose

It was 2022 and I was going through a dark time. One day my inner voice told me to go to YouTube and on the homepage was a video from Pastor Michael Todd. Michael Todd was speaking about putting value on God's vision for your life 👇:

In the video, Michael Todd speaks about how God gives us a vision for what to do with our lives, but we have to be conscious and aware to know that 1) God is speaking to us through a vision and 2) it's up to us to put value on the vision we've received from God and do something about it.

If you've ever been or are currently at a stage in your life where you're feeling uncertain about the direction of your life, take time to be to yourself and connect with God. Speak to God and ask for guidance, a sign, or a vision for what you need to be doing with your life so that you reconnect back to your life's purpose and are in alignment to fulfill what God wants you to do with your time here on Earth.

God Gives You a Vision for Your Life Purpose; Take Action.

Taking immediate action is powerful because it sets into motion the next steps God has for you. The more action you take, the more vision, insight, and guidance you'll receive from God.

Do not wait or procrastinate when you receive visions from God about your life's purpose because resistance may form in your mind, potentially hindering you from living your life purpose.

Connolly states that feeling hopeful enables us to find the energy to persist, even against all odds (Connolly 2022). So, no matter what stage you're at with your life's purpose, as long as you take action on God's vision, you'll find the hope and strength necessary to continue your journey.

The vision you receive from God about your life purpose will be unique to you, so the first general action step you should take is to journal the vision you've received.

What do you see?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

How does the vision make you feel?

What is the ONE thing you need to do as soon as you've received the vision to manifest it?

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Action is the antidote to despair. - Joan Baez

Have Faith in God's Vision for Your Life Purpose

God gives you a vision because God needs YOU to live your life purpose, but you have to first put value on God's vision.

How do you put value on God's vision? Faith.

You have to have faith that you're receiving a vision to do something greater with your life.

God wants you to be of great service, but it's up to you to have faith in what God is showing you.

God is inviting you to evolve and become the version of yourself that can handle that big vision, and it's up to you to have faith that you can do it.

The vision you receive is never too big; it's just that you're playing too small.

Become The BIG ONE That God Needs You To Be

I believe that God has placed that vision in our lives because God wants that vision manifested through us. God needs you to be in your divine truth, to manifest the divine vision.

God needs you in your power for the vision you received to manifest.

God has chosen you specifically and has given you a vision because you are capable of fulfilling that vision and reaching that destination.

In order for you to move from where you are now to living your life purpose, you have to become the next best version of yourself, what we refer to as becoming a BIG ONE.

A BIG ONE is someone who knows that they're here to fulfill a big purpose: their life purpose.

A BIG ONE knows there's much more to life than what mainstream media and society have said.

A BIG ONE is here to serve.

To step into your BIGNESS and become a BIG ONE, you have to let go of things that are not aligned with the BIG version of you. That might mean leaving a job, business, home, people, or whatever God is requiring of you so you can play full out and fulfill your life purpose.

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