Today's podcast episode is about reclaiming your creativity to unleash your Purpose.

Finding your Life's Purpose so you can be of great service with your unique gifts and passions is paramount in today's times.

We believe that when people are unable to access their creativity or feel creatively blocked, their lives can easily become destructive, leading them to numb themselves. Creativity is a free-flowing energy that surrounds and permeates you, and being able to express yourself creatively allows you to tap into your fullest energy potential. This can translate into both personal fulfillment and financial wealth.

There is an invitation for humanity to tap into a higher level of divine creativity, which can lead to greater fulfillment and success. If you've ever had a fear or gone through a traumatic experience that has hindered your ability to express yourself creatively, it's important to acknowledge that what happened to you may have actually been happening for you. Don't let past experiences hold you back from pursuing what truly makes you happy. Remember that you have the power to overcome any obstacle and express yourself freely.

In today's episode, we both shared emotional traumas we experienced when we were younger and how that affected us for a large part of our adult life because we don't want you to waste another minute of your life by not living your life's purpose.

You won't realize your full potential if you let your past traumas hold you back. Don't believe the notion that you're not good enough to pursue your creative passions such as music, dancing, or drawing. This negative mindset can be classified as a creative trauma that many of us may have experienced at some point. It's a feminine energy trauma that affects both men and women. In this era, it's important to empower the feminine energy within us and express ourselves creatively.

When you conquer and rise above the fears and traumas that have held you back from expressing your individual passions and talents, you can heal and achieve great things. It's like finding gold. You become a superhero, a storyteller.

Each of us has a unique gift and a creative spark. It is crucial that this spark is nurtured, supported, and encouraged from the very beginning so that it can grow and flourish to its full potential.

It's incredibly important to acknowledge and support the creative talents and gifts of the next generation and children growing up now. You wouldn't want to pass away without ever sharing your talent with others. Take a moment to think back to something you loved doing as a child, something that sparked your creativity. Did you stop doing it at some point and begin to feel ashamed or fearful of it? Don't let those negative feelings hold you back from expressing yourself. Embrace your talents and share them with the world.

Remember what brought you joy: whether it was painting, drawing, singing, dancing, or writing poetry. Allow yourself the freedom to pursue it once more. Taking the first step towards reclaiming your creative expression is crucial. Gabriel, for example, restarted drawing after a 20-year hiatus. He began with a single drawing, which led to a second and a third, ultimately reigniting his creative passion for drawing.

If you know you're a BIG ONE and you're ready to unleash your Life Purpose but need support, we got you.

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If you know you're a BIG ONE and you're ready to unleash your Life Purpose but need support, we got you.

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