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The path to 10X-ing your life's purpose is simple: let go of everything that doesn't give you the results you want from living your life's purpose. Whether you have a job, own a job, run a business, or do any activity that uses up a lot of your time and is NOT fulfilling your life's purpose, getting your time back is the first step on your path to 10X-ing your life's purpose.

In today's podcast episode, "The Path To 10X-ing Your Life's Purpose," we talk about what it's going to take to become the BIG ONE you were destined to be and fulfill your BIG vision by 10X-ing yourself.

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Get Your Time Back To 10X Your Life Purpose

In "10X Is Easier Than 2X" by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, both authors emphasize the importance of leveraging your time wisely. Because your time is a precious and finite resource, you should never waste your time on things that you can easily outsource to someone else. You have to concentrate all your energy and time on doing only what you can.

If you're currently living your life in such a way where you have no time and you're sincere about living your life purpose, your priority must be to get your time back.

You get your time back by letting go of activities that suck up your time:

Is cleaning the house your life purpose? If not, can you outsource that task to someone else so you can get your time back?

Could you have groceries delivered to your door instead of physically going to the store?

Are you handling administrative duties for your business that someone else could do for you?

These are a few examples of ways you can get your time back so you can focus your time on fulfilling your purpose.

What about spending time doing things you love or enjoy?

Do you have time for yourself or your loved ones?

Remember that wealth is time.

The ability to spend your time having quality moments and experiences, unburdened by worries is the true essence of wealth.

Let go of relationships, jobs, activities, habits, and everything else that doesn't serve you so you can get your time back and 10x your life purpose.

🎯 Try This:

Fold a sheet of paper in half so you've got two columns.

On the left side of the column, write out line-by-line everything you do in a day from the time you wake up, to the time you go to sleep at night.

On the right side of the column, write out if that's wasting your time or if that's helping you 10x your life's purpose.

When you finish inventorying how you spend your day, let go of just one thing that will give you your time back.

Repeat the process until you've got your time back and can consciously choose how you'll spend your time moving forward.

Your Life Purpose Is Your Zone Of Genius

According to Collins, your zone of genius encompasses "activities that you are uniquely good at in the world, and that you love to do, so much so, that time and space likely disappear to you when you do them" (Collins, 2021).

The next step on your path to 10X-ing your life's purpose is to only do what's in your zone of genius. By working solely on your zone of genius, you maximize what you're capable of in the most meaningful way possible.

The key is to focus solely on tasks within your zone of genius and delegate everything else that's not in your zone of genius to someone else who specializes in doing the outsourced task. By adopting this approach, you not only make better use of your time, you're living in a state of psychophysiological coherence.

According to the HeartMath Institute, when we are in a state of psychophysiological coherence, we work, feel, and perform at our best. And when we feel our best, we energetically vibrate that frequency into the outer world, which positively affects everything around us.

Your life's purpose, which is your zone of genius, is rooted in service and fulfilling your divine calling. It requires you to avoid distractions and lower-level thinking, be laser-focused on doing what you do best, and dedicate yourself to it.

Time spent not doing what's in your zone of genius is time wasted.

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Leverage Money To 10X Your Life Purpose

Money is like rocket fuel for your life purpose.

With money, you can buy your time back, outsource, and 10x your life purpose.

Without money, you're like a car that's running on empty: you won't go far.

Financial literacy is the foundation to 10X-ing your life purpose because when you are financially literate and have access to financial resources, you can do a lot of things to nurture and develop your purpose.

Author of one of the best-selling personal finance books of all time, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki, Kiyosaki has expressed repeatedly the importance of becoming rich and the impact it has on living a meaningful life.

Learning how to leverage money is essential to 10X-ing your life purpose.

You need cash flowing into your pocket passively to leverage effectively.

Do you know how to read financial statements?

How are you managing your finances?

What is one constructive habit you can build starting today that will help you become financially literate and leverage financial resources to fulfill your life's purpose?

By taking control of your financial situation, you afford yourself the freedom to fulfill your purpose at the highest level.

10X How You Think

When you get your time back, you have the freedom to think, however, thinking in and of itself is useless if it's not 10x thinking.

To 10x how you think is to think in terms of effortless simplicity.

10x thinking is thinking about how you can 10x your life's purpose or any category of your life that needs 10X-ing without any wasted action or complexity.

But to 10x how you think, you need to become the full embodiment of 10x.

You have to become the 10x version of yourself and to become the 10x version of yourself, you have to create a 10x identity, which requires time to think about.

The way you solve a problem is based on how you think so if your life's purpose involves solving world problems, 10x thinking will be critical to helping you realize your BIG vision.

Another thing to note on 10x thinking is that because thinking is mental, your mindset is what has to evolve and change.

If you've found yourself making things more complicated or discordant than they have to be, think about why.

What's the root cause of your discordant thoughts and what can you do to change the way you think?

Your mindset shapes your reality and what you focus on.

So when you 10x your thinking, you 10x your life.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
Albert Einstein

Embrace The 10X Growth Process

In your pursuit of 10X-ing your life's purpose, start by getting your time back and letting go of activities that don't align with your purpose.

Focus solely on tasks within your zone of genius, and outsource non-essential activities. Operating within your zone of genius not only optimizes your time but also puts you in psychophysiological coherence, which improves your overall well-being.

Learn to leverage money efficiently and outsource so you can focus on your purpose.

Simplify and streamline your thoughts, 10x your mindset.

Embracing the 10x path is a growth process and may not be for everyone, including the BIG ONES, but, if you have grit and can apply what was previously mentioned to your life's purpose, the transformation you'll go through will put you at the very top of your purpose.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything.
- Martha Beck

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