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Taking time off from your life purpose gifts you time to celebrate, rest, relax, recover, 'sharpen your blade,' and most importantly, come back to your life purpose with a renewed perspective.

Over the last four weeks, Hemma and I took a complete break from lifepurpose.com so that we could reflect on what we did right in 2023 and what adjustments we need to make in 2024 so that we're inspired to continue our holy work.

You might have at some point thought, or felt intuitively, that there's something not quite right about what you're doing with your life purpose and that something needs to change, but are unsure of what that something might be. Taking time off from your purpose can be just the thing you need so that you can reflect on what's working for you and what's not, and hopefully, come back with a fresh perspective on what you need to do moving forward.

In today's podcast episode, "A Fresh Perspective On Purpose," we talk about the insights we received about lifepurpose.com and what you, the BIG ONE, should be focusing your energy on in 2024 so that you play full out on your life purpose.

Listen to the podcast episode "A Fresh Perspective On Purpose" here 👇:

The New Perspective We Have About Living Our Life Purpose

For almost three years, I shifted focus from lifepurpose.com to focus on trading so that I could hopefully put Hemma and I in a better financial position. I already knew that to build lifepurpose.com into a big media company, two people would not be enough to manifest the vision we'd received during our travels and from our experiences taking Ayahuasca (and other psychedelics). If lifepurpose.com was to be, it was up to me to get out of the way and outsource a team of talented people who could do the work that was 1) a waste of my time and 2) out of my zone of genius.

Even though I knew I needed to hire a team, I didn't have the financial resources to hire anyone. Just like the old times, I did the work that needed to get done myself to cut costs where I could. I worked nearly every day on lifepurpose.com, from rebuilding the website to creating, editing, and producing content and whatever else needed to get done. But doing things as I did before came at a price and by the end of 2023, I was burnt out.

After taking four weeks off to rest, relax, and recover, to then come back to lifepurpose.com, it was obvious that I couldn't continue doing what I did last year. I have to outsource 95% of what I'm doing for lifepurpose.com so it can grow and free up my time so I can focus on my zone of genius.

The way I see it now is that I can't put off not hiring at least one person to join the team and take over the things I can't keep wasting my time on. It's far more beneficial for me to spend more of my time on trading and use the profits to hire someone who can replace me. By outsourcing and having an extra set of hands working with us, I can focus on the BIG thing I need to focus on while also creating a job opportunity for someone who can and would likely do a much better job than I can on the tasks I've been doing myself.

In today's podcast episode, Hemma talked about how she felt overwhelmed going back to working with technology and the anxiety she felt the night before going back to work on lifepurpose.com to the point where she couldn't sleep. Hemma also mentioned how much she enjoyed her hobbies and the routine she got into.

So now the focus for us has shifted from how can we fulfill our life purpose to how can we fulfill our life purpose in an effortlessly simple way that doesn't require more than a few hours of effort on our end so that we can live a more balanced life and do things we enjoy doing outside of lifepurpose.com.

The solution: change.

You Might Need To Change How You've Been Living Your Life Purpose And That's OK

When it comes to living your life purpose, you might have received a vision and taken the first steps and that's fantastic. At some point, however, maybe things change. Be OK with that.

If you take time off from your life purpose to then come back and feel things aren't quite right, that's likely a sign from your Higher Self letting you know that something needs to change.

Murphy expresses that change is inevitable and that "change can come from the areas in our lives that include: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial" (Murphy, 2022). Whatever aspect of your life needs change, honor that and take action to make the changes necessary because those changes are likely to also affect your life purpose and how you approach doing your holy work for your purpose.

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Do Not Think More Is More For Your Life Purpose

Not sure where the idea came from on working and hustle culture, but there is only so much work a human can do before becoming unproductive and eventually suffering as a result of imbalance.

Molina states that "hustle culture has a negative impact on mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress" (Molina, 2023).

I can only speak for myself and acknowledge that there's only so much I can do in a day. I have at best four to five hours of high-level focus that I can dedicate to working on lifepurpose.com until my concentration and willpower dip.

Interestingly enough, Nowak has written on the topic of how many hours a human can work and states, "the ideal work hours per day for a human to be productive are 3-4 hours" (Nowak, 2022).

Reflecting on it, the work I did for lifepurpose.com was an inefficient use of my time and a waste of my most productive hours.

You and I have one thing in common: we both have been gifted 24 hours in a day to spend how we choose.

Are you going to use those 24 hours wisely, or will you try to fill your time with things that exert more effort on your end without maximum results?

If you take the approach of trying to do more by yourself and not have a team assist you, you'll find yourself burning out very quickly, and that burnout will lead to mental health issues that you will at some point need to address.

Take Less Action On Your Life Purpose

Throughout my break, I listened to a few audiobooks and one book that provided a great reminder for the changes I need to make came from "10x is easier than 2x" By Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

In the book, Sullivan talks about how he was able to double his income every year through his business while at the same time taking an astounding 150 days off from work every year. Sullivan mentioned that taking that many days off per year helped him recover, relax, and think clearer about where he needed to go with his business and how he would accomplish that.

If Sullivan was an operator in his business, that is to say, if Sullivan were doing the daily operational tasks that were required to maintain his business, he couldn't afford to take 150 days off a year and he wouldn't be able to change his mindset on what needed to change for his business so he could grow it.

We have a BIG vision for lifepurpose.com, but that vision can't be accomplished if we're focused 100% of the time on taking action. That's why we're shifting our approach and committing ourselves to outsourcing a team of people who can do the operational tasks for us while we think about how we'll manifest the BIG vision for lifepurpose.com

Taking time to think about how you'll do something is just as, if not more important than the action itself.

If you're a BIG ONE with a BIG vision for your life purpose, are you 80% action and 20% planning?

Have you put so much on your plate that even the idea of doing 2x more than you currently are sounds impossible?

That's because it is and this is when you need to think about how you're going to 10x.

Take More Time To Think About How You'll 10X Your Life Purpose

Imagine how you'd feel if you could take 150 days off a year and make a significantly bigger impact, more money, and work with a team of dedicated and passionate people. What's stopping you from manifesting that? You.

You're the reason why you are where you are with your life purpose, which is great because you have the power to change things using the power of your mind.

During our Level 10 meeting, I told Hemma what I contribute to lifepurpose.com moving forward and that by June of 2024, I will outsource myself from the tasks I'm currently doing because that is not where my focus should be. Instead, my time needs to be dedicated to meditating so I can receive the insights necessary to 10x lifepurpose.com.

If you want to 10x your purpose, you need to upgrade your mindset. You need to take action efficiently: focus on the 20% of things that give you 80% of your desired outcomes. That's going to require you to give up control, outsource, work with other people, and increase your cash flow.

God gave you a BIG vision for a reason and I don't believe for one second that the vision you received was meant to stay as a vision, but for you to find a way to manifest the vision.

Reconsider how you've been approaching your life purpose, collaborate with a team, acquire the financial resources necessary, and 10x your life purpose.

Let go of the idea it can only be done by you or whatever stories you've conjured up to excuse yourself from leveling up and instead, embrace a 10x way of thinking that encourages you to be the BIG ONE you were destined to be. Give yourself as much time as you need to shift your mindset from a 2x way of thinking that is based on working harder to a 10x way of thinking that is based on using your time wisely.

“In order to get to the next level of whatever you’re doing, you must think and act in a wildly different way than you previously have been. You cannot get to the next phase of a project without a grander mind-set, more acceleration, and extra horsepower.” - Grant Cardone

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