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There are a few things 2023 taught us about our life purpose: personal power, mindset, rest, balance, focus, holy work and so much more. While I can't list everything living our purpose taught Hemma and me this year, I've narrowed down the essential wisdom I squeezed out of this year so I could share it with you. Hoping this helps you find, live, and unleash YOUR life purpose in 2024 and beyond.

In today's podcast episode, "What 2023 Taught Us About Our Life Purpose (Taking Our Annual Break)," we talk about the past year and what this year taught us when it comes to living our life purpose.

Listen to the podcast episode "What 2023 Taught Us About Our Life Purpose (Taking Our Annual Break)" here 👇:

Take Breaks When You Feel Burned Out So You Can Come Back To Your Life Purpose Refreshed

Every December 21st is like the end of the season for our life purpose. From December 21 - January 21 of the new year, we take a break to rest, reflect, process, plan, integrate, and get ready to do it all over again.

Taking a break to regroup and recharge is a necessity and this is one piece of advice I wish I practiced more of when the feeling of burnout sets in.

I can't speak for everyone, but as I'm living my purpose, I get worn out and that's a feeling that can't be ignored.

As the year comes to a close, the importance of a mental break is important because it gives time for introspection and recovery.

Another key reason for taking a break from working on lifepurpose.com is to 'sharpen the mental blade.'

Sharpening the mind is necessary to feel energized. Energy is needed to be consistent and continue taking action. With proper rest and recharge time, I feel like I can do anything, but when I'm worn out, I feel like I have to work three times as hard to produce not even 40% of what I'm normally capable of.

If you have the opportunity to take up to a month off, I'd highly suggest doing so.

Taking the month off means little to no tech, no mindless content consumption, little to no talking to people, no work, lots of sleep, lots of walks and physical exercise, lots of meditation, and taking it easy.

Plus, this time (the end of the year) in particular is a good time for celebration.

It's a time for reflection, rest, and self-care—balancing work, play, and recovery. It's a chance to reset and realign, acknowledging the year and ourselves. I think this introspection has helped me to come back wiser and sharper for the year to come.

December 21 marks the beginning of the winter season, which is symbolic of going within and preparing for a rebirth. Winter is like an invitation to just be, rest deeply, and restore yourself. This time is more than a pause; it's an opportunity for personal reinvention and self-actualization.

The decision to take a break is not just about physical rest but a holistic rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. It's about addressing your individual needs, reinventing yourself, and coming back stronger and wiser so you're better equipped to face life's challenges.

If you feel worn out, honor that need for rest and recovery. Clear your mind, sharpen your blade.

Find The Balance Between Your Life AND Your Life Purpose

It took me a long time to understand what the term balance meant for me.

When I think about finding balance, I think about being able to not only manage all my outer world responsibilities but also manage myself at the same time.

It does no good to have one part of your life in order and the rest of your life is shit.

Even though Hemma and I have been doing lots of great work on lifepurpose.com, our relationships with others have suffered. Because lifepurpose.com is our priority, that means we sacrificed our social life.

In the podcast episode, Hemma talked about getting professional help for her skin. She's got neurodermatitis and has been having bad skin reactions mainly in winter and spring. Rather than trying to figure it out on her own, she talked about seeking help, which I gather is another form of getting into balance with herself so she can be holistically happy.

On that note, we can't emphasize enough how finding balance means not delaying happiness or postponing the pursuit of your life purpose due to unfavorable circumstances.

There is no 'someday,' there's just here and now.

If you've lived a life up to this point that you feel is out of balance, what must you do to find your balance with everything?

Balance brings a sense of inner peace and well-being, and gifts you the ability to cherish each moment.

It's easy to take for granted the things in your life until it's gone.

Every day's a gift, celebrate it and take in each moment.

Shit Will Happen, But Stay Laser Focused On Your Life Purpose

Shit's going to happen, but stay laser-focused on your life purpose.

Circumstances will never be quite right and there's never going to be the perfect moment if you wait for the outer world, instead, the perfect moment has to come from you and your focused energy.

For example: earlier in 2023, we gave a trader we did coaching with a large sum of our money to trade for us in the hopes of growing our account faster. It was a terrible move and put us in a bad financial situation because the trader blew out our entire account (and it appeared to be deliberate). For a while, I was bitter about the situation and worked hard to mentally be at peace with the situation. I eventually let it go because it was taking too much of my focus and I had to work on lifepurpose.com.

Was I expecting to lose a large sum of money and be in a tight financial situation? Nope, and I'm grateful we had this experience because it was a great reminder that 1) shit will happen and 2) expect and accept that the circumstances will never be quite right, just do what you have to do and everything will sort itself out.

During that period, Hemma and I had just started recording for The lifepurpose.com Podcast and even though we could've used the cash for equipment, we had to improvise and go as cheap as possible on the gear to get ourselves started.

We started The lifepurpose.com Podcast around July of 2023 with two $60 lapel mics, my smartphone, and an app. As of December 2023, we've recorded and published almost 40 episodes. Had we waited for the perfect moment, we would've still been waiting. Fuck that.

My point is, shit will happen, and while you can never prepare for what will happen, make the best out of the situation.

Consistency Always Beats 'When You Feel Like It' For Your Life Purpose

Consistency ALWAYS beats 'I'll do it when I feel like it' when it comes to your life purpose.

In the blog post, "Applying The Compound Effect To Live Your Life’s Purpose", I wrote about the power of atomic habits and the compound effect. Living my life purpose with powerful daily habits and knowing that my actions are going to compound into something extraordinary in a few years has given me the mental edge to keep playing my game by being consistent.

Applying The Compound Effect To Live Your Life’s Purpose
Your daily habits and actions will impact and shape the outcome of your purpose. In the pursuit of discovering and manifesting your life’s purpose, it’s often the small, consistent actions that yield monumental results.

In the first half of 2023, I was still focused on day trading and knew in my gut I had to shift my time to building lifepurpose.com.

It was about two years since I took time off lifepurpose.com while Hemma ran the ship, but every day I was working on trading, I still had lifepurpose.com in my mind and in my heart because I was committed to the long-term vision.

Consistency to your long-term goals is a BIG part of having a vision. You need to do the same thing every single day without seeing immediate results and yet trust that each task is a positive step towards fulfilling your life purpose.

Every day is an opportunity to contribute to your purpose, make it count.

Will there be days you don't want to do it? Absolutely, and that's when it becomes important to know whether it's an 'I don't feel like it' moment versus being burned out. There's a difference between the two and yet both perspectives come from a mindset. The shift lies in treating your life purpose (and all work you must do) as holy work.

All work is holy and sacred, yet Hemma and I both recall times when our parents and other adults would constantly scream, curse, and hate the work they did.

Fulfilling your life purpose is why you're here, the work you do should be something you love and NOT something you hate.

Each act of creating for your life purpose should be done with great love, wisdom, power, and effortless simplicity.

Imagine waking up every day and doing the holy work necessary for your life purpose with great love in your heart over months and years.

I bet you'd go far.

My 'trick' for fulfilling my life purpose consistently has been everything I mentioned above (review this blog post again if you have to) and also have a system for how I do my holy work.

If you want to consistently build on your life purpose and make a meaningful contribution, create a system, schedule, and workflow for how you'll accomplish the things you need to accomplish.

Keep your balance with your holy work and your holy rest.

When it's time to work, work. When it's time to rest, rest.

Don't overcomplicate this, keep it simple and do the things you know you must do consistently.

Cheers To Fulfilling YOUR Life Purpose

Cheers to fulfilling YOUR life purpose, BIG ONE.

We're taking our break so we can continue doing our holy work for lifepurpose.com with great love, wisdom, power, and effortless simplicity.

We'll be back in late January 2024 with new content and hopefully new insights for you.

Until then, check out our content library so far, take a break, sharpen your blade, and come back laser-focused to live your life purpose.

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