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Discovering and living your life's purpose is an incredible journey, but along the way, life's twists and turns might make you lose sight of where you truly want to be. That's why having a roadmap for your life's purpose is crucial. Having a roadmap for your life purpose is like having a guiding star, keeping you on track toward your destination, especially when life tries to take you off course. Whatever your life's purpose is, use a roadmap to help you stay focused and accountable as you fulfill your mission.

In today's podcast episode, "Your Life's Purpose Roadmap," we talk about the importance of having a roadmap to navigate your life purpose. We've had moments individually and together where we went off track with our purpose and we spoke about what we needed to do to get back in alignment. Having a roadmap for your life's purpose will keep you focused, and accountable, and prevent you from losing your way.

Listen to the podcast episode "Your Life's Purpose Roadmap" here 👇:

Have A Roadmap For Your Life Purpose

Before you came into this world, your soul knew the purpose of coming to Earth and the contribution you needed to make: your life's purpose. According to Simion, "as a soul goes through their journey, and raises their level of self-awareness, they create the ability to more suitably direct their mission and hence the fulfillment of their soul purpose" (Simion, 2015).

However, when you incarnate and go through life, you might forget the purpose of your life, which is why when you've finally found it, having a roadmap for your life purpose is essential because it keeps you on track with where you truly want to be.

By creating a roadmap for your life purpose, you'll keep yourself accountable and on track with where you've envisioned yourself to be 10 years from now. For example: if you want to build a media company because you believe that's your life's purpose, 10 years from now you want to be as aligned to that initial vision as possible. You wouldn't want to build a media company and then 10 years from now, the outer world mistakes you for a coaching company.

Therefore, having a roadmap for your life purpose and staying focused on your vision as you journey to your 10-year destination is important because it keeps. you focused on where you choose to go. The roadmap guides you on what you need to do to get to your destination.

You might consider using a vision board or a VTO (vision traction organizer) to use as a map for your life purpose and where you want to be 10 years from now.

Getting Back On Track With Your Life Purpose When You Lose Your Way

If you don't have a roadmap for your life purpose and lose your way, get back on track by coming back to the original plan and vision when you first started your journey. Once you realign back to your original plan or vision, document it by writing it down and scheduling time to review it.

Your roadmap can be reviewed either daily, weekly, or monthly so that you get back on track and stay on track with your life's purpose.

To be effective with your life purpose roadmap, Zhou suggests having monthly check-ins to review your progress and states that the problem with yearly reviews is that "we tend to only remember how we spent the beginning and end, with the middle somewhat hazy" (Zhou, 2018).

Should your roadmap also include your goals? Absolutely.

When it comes to reviewing your roadmap and setting goals for extraordinary results, daily review can lead to 10x results.

According to Grant Cardone, he writes and reviews his goals every morning upon waking up. Cardone states, "every morning I wake up, first thing I do, first thing, I write my goals down every day" (Cardone, 2018), which could perhaps explain his success.

Think of your life purpose roadmap as a sacred tool that you've intentionally designed to help you stay laser-focused on where you're going and help you measure the effectiveness of your actions.

There may be times when the outer world tries to throw you off track and that's why you need something that you can hold yourself accountable to and responsible for so that you can fulfill your life purpose.

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Sustaining Positive Emotions Will Fuel Your Life Purpose

Positive emotions are vital cues that signal when you're out of alignment with your life purpose or when you're in alignment with your purpose.

If you can manage to feel positive emotions and sustain that feeling of positivity for your life purpose over weeks, months, and years, that energy will be the fuel source that helps you reach your destination.

DeSteno states, "willpower and grit aren't the best route to persevering at our goals and achieving success; the key is emotion" (DeSteno, 2018). He then goes on to explain that positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion, and pride are emotions that can help people "attain their goals and have higher self-control" (DeSteno, 2018).

Making a daily habit to feel positive emotions can compound into something exceptional.

We researched and wrote about the power of using atomic habits for your life purpose to create a compound effect that leads to profound outcomes here 👇:

Applying The Compound Effect To Live Your Life’s Purpose
Your daily habits and actions will impact and shape the outcome of your purpose. In the pursuit of discovering and manifesting your life’s purpose, it’s often the small, consistent actions that yield monumental results.

What are some things you can do or thoughts you can think that will help you generate a positive emotion to help you feel good as you navigate your life purpose roadmap and make a habit out of that practice?

Staying Focused On Your Life's Purpose

Staying focused on your life's purpose will be vital to long-term success. On your journey, you might encounter periods where you go off track with your life purpose and forget the original intention of fulfilling your mission.

Remember to check in with your roadmap and yourself: if you don't feel a sense of expansiveness or alignment with what you're doing, it might be time to review your roadmap and where you're going with your life.

As mentioned earlier, using a vision board or a vision traction organizer (VTO) will keep you focused and maintain alignment with your envisioned path over the next one to ten years and beyond. These tools serve as a guide to prevent distractions and keep you committed as well as consistent.

Writing down your goals and reviewing them daily can compound 10x results while feeling positive emotions will help you keep navigating your roadmap even if things get challenging.

The roadmap can also help you answer some key questions:

Are you in full alignment with your life's purpose roadmap?

Are you on the trajectory to fulfill your life purpose or will you be somewhere completely different 10 years from now?

What is the greatest, biggest, most powerful expression of who you truly are and how will you go about achieving your authentic expression?

If you feel that you're copying someone else's life and feel unfulfilled, what correction do you need to make to realign back to your life purpose roadmap?

Then visualize yourself 10 years from now and hold yourself accountable to that vision because you have what it takes to find, live, and unleash YOUR life purpose.

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