3 Empowering Habits To Live Your Life Purpose In 2023

3 Empowering Habits To Adopt To Live Your Purpose In 2023

Having daily habits and a certain routine enables us to live a life of balance. It's in our habitual thoughts, words and actions that our life experience is build and formed.

We become what we think, say and  do habitually and if your life is not where you want it to be, changing some habits in your life, changing disempowering habits to empowering habits, can really propel you into a whole new life experience, with more happiness, more balance, and joy.

In this post I am sharing with you 3 main habits that can help you create a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle for yourself, which will enable you to start living on purpose and balance.

1. Have a powerful morning routine.

Ideally wake up before the sun rises. It's there where the energy on the planet is at a different frequency, which allows you to be in a more relaxed and peaceful space. This is the time you dedicate to yourself, especially if you have busy days, spend a lot of time around people or you care for others, waking up before the sun rises, will give you the time to be with yourself and to take care of you. This is YOUR TIME to fill your own cup.

It's there where the majority of people are still asleep and it's quiet outside. Meditation, Yoga, listening to music, praying, breathwork, sitting in silence, sipping on your morning drink and using that time for introspection, contemplation and simply being very present with YOURSELF. Choose something that FEELS GOOD to you.

This will allow you to really get to know yourself more, it will allow you to have a strong relationship with yourself, your body and mind. Remember that the more connected you are with yourself and know yourself, the more aligned you'll be with your true purpose.

2. Balance your doing and your being. We have 24 hours in a day. If we split that into three pieces, we have eight hours of sleep, eight hours of being, eight hours of doing. That's one way to look at it. My point is, find a schedule, a way to live your life, where you are balanced between your doing and your being.

Many times when we just focus on the doing part, people burn out and they crash. The opposite is true as well. When people just focus on being and they don't do anything, they oftentimes become lazy, bored and frustrated. So again, it comes down to balance, ask yourself how can you create and/or adjust your life so that you are in balance with both the doing and the being.

3. Nurture your inner child and creatively express yourself.

This one is extremely powerful, because when we can keep our inner children alive and happy, we have a much better quality of life. We then go through life with so much more ease, joy and happiness. The more our inner children are alive, able to express themselves and happy the more powerful we are going to feel.

Ultimately we all want to have fun. We all want to love, play and have a great time. We do that by keeping our inner child alive and finding ways to express ourselves creatively. That could be through many means, like dance, music, painting, drawing, singing etc.

The point is to find something that you perhaps really enjoyed doing when you were a kid. Try doing that again and see how it feels.

The more we allow ourselves to creatively express ourselves, the more our lifeforce energy can flow and can stay in the flow. When we are in the flow and our energy is flowing, we are able to really live at our best and to go through life with the highest energy possible.

To your Victory,

Hemma from

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