3 Secrets You Didnt Know About Manifesting Your Life Purpose

1- You Don't Need "Qualifications" To Manifest Your Life Purpose

When you have a vision, an idea, a dream in your heart that you know wants to be birthed through you, it is a clear sign that it was given to you from a higher power, call it God, call it the divine, call it infinite divine intelligence. It may be something that has never been done before, that no one has ever created or manifested before. Just trust that you were CHOSEN by a higher divine power to manifest and create that thing, that dream, that vision into the world.

That makes you qualified by a higher power, otherwise why would you have that dream in your heart? Where does it come from? Who gave that dream, that vision to you, if not from a higher source? So trust that you are qualified and worthy enough to manifest it into physical reality.

2- You Can Start Living Your Life Purpose Right Now

If you wait for one day, for certain things to align, for anything or anyone outside of you until you start manifesting your heart's desire, the purpose you know,, you came here to fulfill, you'll end up waiting forever. So this is a reminder that you can start where you are with what you have. Just be resourceful and know, that once you show and express to God, the universe, that you are serious about manifesting it and taking action on it, you will be guided and provided for. You have to walk through the door with faith and trust that you will be guided along the way and that all the resources, the right people, the right circumstances will appear at the right time. Just take the first step.

3- Ask And You Will Receive...

Meaning, if you have no idea what your purpose is, you feel lost, everything seems hopeless, and you feel stuck, go back within, find silence and call upon a higher power that you believe in. Whether it's your angels, God, or infinite divine intelligence…

Then make a call, a prayer saying that you need clarity, help, and assistance in remembering and creating your purpose and ask for everything that you believe you need.

Then be willing to receive the guidance, the answers. They may come to you in the most unexpected ways. Your job is to be open to receiving the divine miracles, the divine blessings, and guidance. Most of the time, it's in the silence, in the stillness, when our mind is calm and we are focused, and centered on our body, when the divine voice whispers to you. At first it may be a very quiet voice. That's why going into silence and stillness on a regular basis, through meditation or just mindfulness or conscious breathing, is where you will hear and receive the guidance you need.

To Your Victory,

Hemma from

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