The quality of your life solely depends on your ingrained habits. Your habits either make you or break you. Every moment of our lives is reshaped by the quality of our habitual thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. Changing a habit means changing your life, hence changing your very reality. The habits we practice, some knowingly, others unknowingly are fueled by 2 main forces: Love and Fear. Habits that are based on love, will align you quickly with your greatest and highest timeline / your Life-purpose vs. habits that are based on fear, will do the opposite.

1- Your Life Is The Result Of Your Daily Habits, Patterns, And Routines

Where you are today is simply the result of the habits that you practiced in the past. Now let us understand and define clearly what a habit is. A habit, a pattern is a repeated activity that becomes your norm, that becomes your identity, your personality. A habit can be simply a thought form, thoughts that you think consistently, the words you speak consistently, the emotional state that you are in consistently, and the actions you take consistently. So in short, a habit, a pattern is simply an act in the form of a thought, word, feeling, and action, practiced and repeated over and over which always leads to a manifestation.

The habit creates the outcome, the habit determines your reality. So you must develop the aligned habits that will give you the result of your manifested purpose. Your life purpose unleashed means the fullest expression of your potential.

So you must ask yourself and get clear on the habits that you must develop and form which will lead to the fulfillment of your greatest potential. The goal is not necessarily the outcome, the goal and the focus are forming the right habit that will automatically lead to your desired outcome.

2- Our Habits Compound

A habit, repeated over and over again becomes a force that is going to change your life completely. A habit, practiced over and over again becomes the GREAT COMPOUND EFFECT. When you manifest a life of your true purpose, you must remember that what you do, what you think, what you speak, and what you feel, the vibrational frequency that you're on is creating a powerful habit that will always lead to an outcome, which will always lead to a manifestation.

Every day in every moment of your life you have all the power and the free choice to either let go of an old, unhealthy habit that does not support the manifestation of your purpose and replace it with a new habit that supports the manifestation of the fullest potential of your purpose. Remember, your thoughts, your words, your actions, and your feelings determine the reality you live in. By creating new, powerful, supportive, loving, and very conscious new habits and patterns in our thinking, our doing, our feeling, and our speaking we reshape our reality, we recreate our destiny, and we fulfill our purpose.

What matters most is what we do daily, your Life-purpose is not a one-hit-wonder. Your Life-purpose is your unique life-long masterpiece which you develop and build every single day of your life. With each thought, word, feeling, and action you grow the compounding effect.

3- Healthy Habits Increase Your Energy

Unhealthy habits deplete your energy. By becoming more conscious of how we feel we can quickly realize whether or not we need to change a habit.

From now on I challenge you to make sure your habits are aligned and in harmony with your desired reality/ your desired manifestations. I challenge you to delete and let go of all habits which are contradictive to your desired manifestations and adopt new and powerful habits which will propel you into your greatest, highest, and truest timeline.

To Your Victory,


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