The 6 Biggest Consequences You Must Be Aware Of

There are 6 BIG consequences you must be aware of when you're NOT living your Life's Purpose.

We live in a collective world where everything we do, think and say has a consequence and also everything we don't do, don’t say, and don’t think has a consequence too.

Therefore, there are consequences involved when you don't live your true purpose. In this post, I am listing the five biggest consequences of not living your life purpose.

1. You're wasting your life, time, and energy.

You easily get lost and distracted in the outer world by things, people, situations & experiences, which do not add much to your happiness and overall fulfillment.

But you end up engaging in those things with the hope that they would fill a void inside of you. What is that void? It's your spark, your true purpose but if you don't know what your purpose is and if you're not living your purpose that void inside of you can never be filled until you start embracing your true purpose here on Earth.

2. You're postponing your Ascension / Evolution.

Living your true life's purpose / your soul mission is also called your Dharma. In other words, your Dharma is the "work", the "mission" that your soul chose for a specific lifetime. When you fulfill your dharma / your purpose, your soul can ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

So when you are not living your purpose, you postpone your evolution, your ascension. Therefore, when you die, without fulfilling your purpose, you wind up coming right back here. You will be given another chance, another incarnation. That may be a good consequence or not, based on your beliefs and your thinking.

3. You settle for so much less.

You have to be aware that when you settle for less, it impacts and affects every person in your life as well. In particular your own family and those closest to you.

In a sense, you're not just holding yourself back but you're also holding those around you back.

Whatever we do, and don't do affects everything and everyone around us. It's never just about ourselves alone.

Settling for less than your true potential affects every area of your life. It affects your happiness, all your relationships, your health and well-being, your financial health, and your spiritual health in a less-than-ideal way.

When we hold ourselves back, we hold back everyone else. When we rise however and step up, we give those around us the chance to do the same.

4. You probably wind up getting depressed.

I have seen, observed, and witnessed it over and over again in my life. People who don't have a strong sense of purpose or don't know at all what their purpose is get easily bored. That boredom leads to frustration which eventually leads to depression and many times to a permanent state of feeling miserable.

It's oftentimes when we don't have a bigger purpose to live for that we end up losing ourselves in small details of our own lives. We wind up getting into a downward spiral very easily and quickly. If we're not aware and mindful, this can keep us trapped for our entire lives.

On the flip side, however, the more purpose you have in your life, the more sense of happiness and fulfillment you have as well. When you remember that there is something bigger to live for, a bigger why, a bigger purpose, that will get you out of any darkness, that will get you out of any low state of feeling depressed.

5. You lose your magnetism.

When we settle for a life that is way below our potential and what we are capable of we lose more and more of our attraction, life force energy, and magnetism.

The more our life and decisions are based on a higher purpose the more it will fuel us, nourish and nurture us. It will raise our energy and vibration. Therefore we become more magnetic and more attractive. We become a magnetic attractor to everything that is meant for us and to everything that supports our greater and higher good. Now, the opposite is true as well. If we give up on our true heart's desires, we don't take action on what we truly want to do and we settle for less, our energy becomes dull and we lose our sense of feeling vibrant and magnetic.

6. You are letting down the people, causes, projects, environments, etc. that you were meant to serve.

When you don't step up, you don't get clear on your purpose and you settle for less than you came here to do / than you are capable of, you're letting down those that you were meant to serve.

No matter how big or small your true purpose, your contribution is, it affects the entire planet and the collective consciousness. It does affect everything and everyone on a grand scheme all over the planet.

Just like a single drop in the ocean is part of the entire ocean, you as an individual are part of the collective consciousness on this planet. Therefore you DO matter, your decisions, your energy, your creations, and your purpose matter! More than you can comprehend.

May you be blessed with the courage, strength, and love to remember more about your true purpose and boldly claim all that you came here for.

To your victory,

Hemma by

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